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    RETRO POST #01: In the beginning...

    Steve Fuchs
    Apr 21, '04 4:57 AM EST
    RETRO POST #01: In the beginning...
    From my personal blog (before Archinect)
    Authored on 2004-04-21 at 01:57:51 AM

    Less than a week ago, I was verbally accepted, via phone call, into the Graduate Program (M.Arch2) at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc). This signals the beginning of my courtship with the profession of design & architecture... it has taken a while, but the girl next door seems so charming now.

    The Day -- April 15, 2004: Both my wife Nicole and my mother Liz were present for the nervous elation I felt as I hung up the telephone. In response, I am setting up this website to focus the rest of my life. This site will function as an open auto-biography, chronology, and center of thought for the myriad of investigations and transformations that lay ahead. I've setup both a MovableType PhotoBlog and a MamboServer Portal to facilitate communication between myself and interested parties, including: family, friends, collegues, students, and web browsers.

    ** 01/13/05 NOTE: Since I was already familiar with blogging and an active Archinect member, Paul Petrunia, the owner of Archinect asked me to be part of the his school blog project. I am sure some of my enthusiasm helped to propel the launch of this groundbreaking look into the lives of architecture students.

    Today -- April 20, 2004: The acceptance letter came in the mail, as instructed. Now, I have to pay a $500 deposit, fill-out the acceptance letter, and complete the financial aid packet. Can you say, "managable debt"? I've worked it out in my head that if I have a good 30 years of work ahead of me and I go $30,000 in debt via student loans, each year will only cost me $1,000. Certainly, a Masters Degree will aid in elevating my earning potential, hopefully by double. In my opinion, I am limited to $50,000/yr with a Bachelors Degree; a Masters should put me at $100,000/yr (salary + benefits & consulting).

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