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Aug '08 - Jun '10

  • The last weekend for... a while.

    Nick Sowers
    Sep 2, '08 3:31 AM EST

    It's been nice enjoying the last 'weekend' for about 15 weeks... Shot some hoops with a couple drunk black guys at 9am this morning. They played rough but man they couldn't shoot and fell on top of each other several times. I got a good workout tying them into knots. Then my wife and I went... View full entry

  • no more hiding, Berkeley

    Nick Sowers
    Aug 30, '08 1:13 PM EST

    Whoomp, There It Is -Tag Team It seems appropriate to launch a blog on my birthday. Hello, archinect, this is the guy maybe known by a couple people as "el Duderino" or "el_Dude." I've been around archinect for about three years, and I'm really excited to have this student blog. You can read the... View full entry

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