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    Thesis = failed experiments

    Nick Sowers
    Mar 12, '10 12:04 PM EST

    The Cornstarch Monsters
    fall down like cymbal crashes
    two blo-wn speakers


    • jacob


      I did this too for an architecture thesis-ish thing. Trying to experiment with self-regulation and analog feedback. Wild to see that you're doing it too. May I ask your intentions?

      Mine didn't work well. I was using a pan on a speaker, not the actual cone so I didn't ruin it, but the results were pretty lackluster. I couldn't get enough volume to actually get much result in the starch (and the pan probably muted some of it). I think to really get it to work well, one would have to use a car stereo speaker or something with a lot of travel. I was also using a waveform generator, so I could get really pure low tones which made patterns, but the variation of music I think is responsible for some of the more dynamic forms that you see on youtube.


      good haiku.

      Mar 12, 10 3:52 pm  · 

      maybe boat speakers? and for the perfect wav, check 4:40 here:

      Mar 12, 10 5:20 pm  · 

      thanks jacob

      This was one of those 2am things... someone overheard that I was making ooblek in order to visualize the resonant tones that I have been assaulting the 9th floor of Wurster Hall with. So she came over and we watched a few cornstarch monster videos on youtube and, damn the thesis, I was going to have some fun. I managed to produce one monster before I blew out one speaker. Then the next morning, with one of my advisors and a crowd of people watching, it failed to produce the monster... and then the second speaker blew out.

      Mar 13, 10 12:18 am  · 

      ouch, two lost speakers in one day...sorry man.

      Mar 13, 10 12:33 am  · 

      aveclaudenum, that's what Urban Ore is for!

      Mar 13, 10 2:17 am  · 

      ah cymatics... thought about doing it - visualized failure, and proceeded to fail to try.
      I'm a winner, I swear.

      Mar 13, 10 2:26 am  · 

      Yeah, Urban Ore is a good resource. I've been there more than a few times.

      Mar 13, 10 2:34 pm  · 
      Daniel Childs

      This is the greatest thing I've ever seen.

      I want architecture like that...

      Mar 19, 10 7:01 pm  · 

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