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    melting buildings

    Nick Sowers
    Nov 19, '08 10:33 PM EST

    I was at a GIS (Geospatial Information Services) open house today on the other side of campus and saw a pretty scary depiction of our world, actually the UC Berkeley campus:

    you can see more here

    Darb Dabney (I wish that was my name) has been mapping in Second Life reflective LIDAR data with Microsoft Virtual Earth bump maps.

    The Berkeley Guide pt. 4! Get an exclusive aerial tour of a melting campus:

    Is this the future of architecture, all that is solid melts into Second Life? More interestingly, is the future all that is Second Life melts back into reality?

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    • eigenvectors

      so basically just take a model and use the 3dMax melt modifier and publish your work.

      wait! i'm next, I'm going to use the bend and twist modifier...doh, Gehry beat me to it.

      hold on, the meshsmooth and morph modifier...once again, i was beat to it - Greg Lynn.

      Nov 20, 08 9:04 pm  · 

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