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    Urban Islands day 11

    Nick Sowers
    Jul 24, '09 11:25 AM EST

    T minus nine hours to the Final Review. This is a rare moment, folks. How many school bloggers are crazy enough to take twenty minutes in the middle of the final push to give a shout out?


    Thanks to some abuse of the Cockatoo Island facilities by students of one of the other sections, we all gotta be on the island at 8am tomorrow. Dude, I have to get on a 6:30 am Manly ferry to get across the harbour in time. The Soldier (my creation for one of the tarot cards) is now coming to life. He's gonna hunt down those miscreant students and give them what-for.

    I'll try and tweet comments from the review day. Follow @soundscrapers and @urbanislands. Plus, Jordan Gilman of Design + Build has written reviews of each of the three studios.

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    • Yes, miscreant studio behavior by archi-students...

      Jul 24, 09 11:46 am  · 

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