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    Ninjas must be good listeners

    Nick Sowers
    Mar 5, '10 4:30 AM EST

    Today was a day of recovery from a midterm thesis binge that was immediately followed by a Korean BBQ/karaoke binge in Oakland. By the way, Koreans can lay down some legit rap. And typos in the lyrics also significantly boost the entertainment value.

    Now that I have a chance to breathe, I can mention that Linda Bennett, author of the razor-sharp archi-ninja blog, has posted a piece that I wrote. It's a Soundscraper manifesto, beginning with my interest in the passive ninja-defense system of the famous Nightingale floors at Nijo Castle, Kyoto. I talk about recording the sounds of cities in Morocco, and then I go into some detail about Rafael Moneo's LA Cathedral where in 2004 I experienced a 'shower of sound'.

    Have a look, or should I say, have a listen.



      also, aren't the corridors wider than a ninja is tall, so they can't 'walk' on the walls? thereby forcing them to walk on the floors?

      Mar 8, 10 9:53 pm  · 

      I hadn't realized that but that is interesting--to design a space so that the user cannot subvert gravity by walking on the walls. #nakatomi_space

      Mar 9, 10 12:27 pm  · 

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