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    Manila Madness

    Nick Sowers
    Nov 17, '09 1:07 AM EST

    Manila. This ain't no vanilla. Stinking hot sweat stepping over fish heads pig intestines. Big guy with a big backpack on getting looks getting stared at squeezing through the market crowd. Jeepneys belching smoke choke cover the face no use no way out but through. Swimming through air hop on a tricycle munching a 3 peso donut motors rip the air horns honking in your ear. No way out but through.

    One day later on a bus stop. Stop. Slow delicious AC watching Ghost Patrick Swayze on the way out of Manila takes eternity. Hello Angeles City Sin City place where the air force dudes bought booze bought girls lived it up til Pinatubo popped. Philippines senate said no more bases 1991 adios soldiers packin it out under two feet of ash looters come in backlash. Casino man business man Philippino Air Force man keepin' the girls workin Sin City still alive. Walkin' down the main drag through girls hangin on my arm I'm saying "I got a wife" that doesn't seem to matter I need to scatter.

    On the old base people camping out selling flutes. Duty free shop big aisles American crap just like the base commisary before jars of peanut butter fake nacho cheese as seen on TV. Near the Philippino barracks barber shop I go in ask for "Air Force Cut".

    Clean cut hit the streets catch a flight to Guam by the skin of my teeth. I am ready for the military island paradise.

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    • emewb

      hi there nick,

      been following your blog and I'm in the process of applying to berkeley. this may be a bit forward, but I was wondering if you could take a look at my personal statement and portfolio. I feel like you have good insight on what the school is looking for...

      Nov 19, 09 3:26 pm  · 

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