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    The Studio Tourist

    Nick Sowers
    Sep 18, '08 4:00 AM EST

    Not being in a studio this semester (extra time to work on thesis) means a nice privilege: I get to walk around and see what everyone's up to. Another reason I'm excited to post this blog entry is that Berkeley is so bad at presenting student work online. It's ridiculously bad because we actually do interesting work which should be shared with the larger community. We don't even do an end-of-the-year show like a lot of schools. Alright, on to the studios.

    This fall there are six advanced 201 studios. (the spring has only three, as half of the students from the fall go on to do thesis). In the order of proximity to my desk on the 9th floor:

    (for full studio descriptions click here)

    GRIFFIN/HAESLOOP: Reclaiming the Edge: Marin Museum at Horseshoe Cove - Fort Baker

    This studio is looking at the moment into site strategies and how to operate upon the former military parade grounds. Desk crits tonight went well past 6pm.

    RON RAEL: Border Wall as Architecture

    This studio just had a review on Monday of their "modules" and they are now looking to intervene along a chosen segment of the US/Mexico Border. They will be traveling to the border region in a few weeks.


    MARK ANDERSON: Urban Water Studio 2008; Embarcadero Refugio San Francisco

    These guys are doing some radical stuff, taking over San Francisco (or at least the 9th floor of Wurster) with their models and mega-maps.


    8th floor:

    IMMERSIVE ENVIRONMENTS for the discovery, synthesis and commercialization of (SECRET & INVISIBLE SCENTS, Tokyo)

    This studio just produced a nice book of their research. Looks sweet. They have two projects, the first of will finish Oct. 4th.


    BOURDIER: Dwelling and Mourning

    I see the people in this studio there all the time, drawing and drawing and drawing. Not sure what they're up to yet, but it looks intense. They have to produce 50 sketches by every studio meeting.

    NICHOLAS deMONCHAUX: Digital Anarchitecture

    I attended a Rhino scripting workshop with these guys on Saturday (I know, studio on Saturday?) They are mapping and dissecting the city and looking to extrapolate a logic for intervening in the city of San Francisco using GIS software and scripting. Looking forward to more from them...

    Finally, a message leftover from the Anderson/Anderson lecture last spring.


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      A hearty hello from Berkeley's beachhead in Chicago!

      I have one comment:
      That photo of Tanaz is priceless.

      Sep 19, 08 1:11 am  · 

      Hi qs. so much for anonymity! say, how bout those Cubs?

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