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    Nick Sowers
    May 14, '09 6:17 PM EST

    I arrived at the Storefront for Art & Architecture this morning, just after it opened its portals. It was about 11am. I was inside, studying the exhibit that opened a month ago on WorkAC's 49 cities.

    Little did I know, I had just stepped into the Twilight Zone.

    A group of people who looked very hungover showed up. Their eyes were large and sunken, their lips looked lifeless. Perhaps they just got laid off?


    Suddenly, the bodies began to drop.

    They were draped over the irregular openings, slunk against the sidewalk, slain, and strewn across the thresholds.

    Is it a beautiful work of public art?

    No, it's ZOMBIES!

    Camera rolling

    Post-zombies, I now want to do my own counterpart to the WorkAC exhibit. The Virtual Storefront for Decay & Consumption presents 49 Cities of the DEAD

    I can think of a few to start the list: Cairo, Fez, and Calvino's city of Adelma from Invisible Cities.

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      well healed trust fund zombies.

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