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    concrete & sound

    Nick Sowers
    Sep 24, '08 4:03 PM EST

    Sitting down for a quick bite in between a site visit to a pre-cast concrete fabricator and my poetry class. With W.B. Yeats on my mind, I think I can appreciate the 'terrible beauty' of the concrete yard: rebar sticking out everywhere, concrete units stacked and spread out awaiting installation. The site was awesome and humbling.


    I think some PG&E engineer got their hands on S.M.L.XL:

    concrete stuff:

    School is this crazy incubator where a massive pile of stuff is handed to you and you have to figure out how to make it grow. This site visit for example, is pushing my mind in all these directions of what you can do with precast/prestressed concrete, seeing the standard stuff they are doing for the Bay Bridge but really thinking about how you might design a building like a bridge. Sure, a lot of these thoughts you get as a student are impractical, but for now that doesn't matter, and I love that about being in school. I've been out long enough in the real world (three years) to appreciate what a privilege it is to be here.

    The next couple images are of some drawings I did for my sound art class, where we had to make representations of the instruments we made a couple weeks ago. I also wrote a "score" for this instrument which takes the idea of converting any line that you draw into a piece of sound.



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    • Is that a building in the middle picture?
      And if so is it a fabrication/office space.
      I really am intrigued.

      Also by your comment "design a building like a bridge". I gather you mean in terms of means of fabrication etc. Not so much in terms of design/form/shape.... Although those could possible be affected by fabrication method...

      Sep 24, 08 4:50 pm  · 

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