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    Nick Sowers
    Mar 2, '10 12:54 PM EST

    I am teaching undergrads architectural drawing this semester, which is a pretty fun task in these times. It's their first studio, and so whatever tools and techniques you teach are necessarily influencing the way they think about design. That's an awesome thing, actually. With what tools does one begin to learn architecture? I like to think that I am not teaching tools but rather a fluidity in method working between digital and analog. I will never say no to a beautiful hand drawing.

    Anyway, I mention this because the instructor I teach with, Keith Plymale, is also the head of UC Berkeley's [IN]ARCH program, an 8-week long summer course for those who are thinking about applying to architecture school. It's similar to the GSD's Career Discovery, though this program is two weeks longer and therefore costs a bit more ($3,900). Keith's a great guy and makes the introduction to architecture a very energetic, intense experience. So if you're thinking about architecture school, this could be a great way in! And if you're thinking about Berkeley in particular, I think this program is a really good idea. Who knows, you might find that you hate the vibe in Berkeley and shouldn't apply. Or, the seductive view of the Golden Gate from the 9th floor will bias your opinion of the school. Applications are due April 10th, so good luck!


    • palito77

      Hey Nick

      Do you know if the school has made any school decisions for 2010 master and phd candidates?


      Mar 2, 10 3:18 pm  · 

      1st yr drawing class,, that takes me back,, probably one of the most memorable classes any student takes,, good luck

      Mar 2, 10 9:51 pm  · 

      I took part in this program last summer ('09) and thought it was great. I recommend it highly!

      Mar 4, 10 12:01 pm  · 

      loco77, if they have I would be one of the last to know. good luck!

      Mar 13, 10 12:19 am  · 

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