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    Printing Concrete

    Nick Sowers
    Apr 8, '10 2:06 PM EST

    I am rapid prototyping concrete models using Ron Rael's hijacked starch printer.

    Concrete Print

    Concrete Print

    It's stronger than starch and achieves an identical resolution.

    Concrete Print

    One potential drawback is that it's extremely water soluble, which means I could have a lot more fun with melting these things.... after the presentation.

    Concrete Print


    • That's a beautiful model! Look forward to seeing what the water does to it!

      Is it possible to make one out of clay and put it in a kiln?

      Apr 10, 10 11:19 am  · 

      thanks Chris!

      can't put this one in a kiln, but Ron is printing mud and firing it. you should check out the work he's doing here: Digital Ceramics

      Apr 10, 10 2:10 pm  · 

      Very neat! (And much easier than doing it the old-fashioned way, I'm sure)

      Apr 11, 10 1:02 am  · 

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