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    It's Alive

    Nick Sowers
    Apr 5, '10 6:53 AM EST

    At about 3:20 am Pacific time on Monday, April 5th, a monster was born in the thesis studios of Wurster Hall.

    It was short-lived.

    Following an attempt to build a bigger monster, the woofer was blown. A blown speaker is a very anticlimactic thing.

    (Strikes one and two) Strike three: It's time to produce the thesis. Will the real thesis please stand up?


    • Liebchen

      You're studio mates must love you.

      Have you tried purchasing ferrofluid? Maybe its not applicable because its form is derived from the electromagnetic fields generated by the speaker and not the sound waves themselves...

      Apr 5, 10 9:52 am  · 

      yeah, I think I passed the threshold of studio-mate tolerance a while ago.

      Earlier in the semester I considered building an anechoic chamber that i could do my sound experiments inside of.

      That ferrofluid looks rad... I wonder, though--the fluid would take a shape particular to the speaker, but would air pressure from the speaker cause it to move or vibrate like sand on a Chladni plate

      Apr 5, 10 1:38 pm  · 

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