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    LIVE from the inside of a carry-on xray machine

    Nick Sowers
    Apr 14, '09 4:19 AM EST

    title says it all.

    I'm here at Narita Airport, on my way back to San Francisco from Okinawa. I'm alive, didn't get bitten by a Habu snake or run over by a Marine. More on Okinawa later...

    Following my interest in how to represent exclusive, forbidden spaces, I got this idea as I was going through the usual routine of the airport security check. I took my recorder and mics out of my pocket and was about to stuff them in my bag when it occurred that I could actually do a little military exploration here. I switched on record, slipped it in the bag, and through the black flaps it went, a satellite probe into one of the most forbidden, fortified, and controlled spaces of the 21st century: the carry-on x ray machine.


    (the usual javascript player is not working at the moment)


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      thanks for keeping it real, mr.

      Apr 14, 09 11:39 am  · 
      ∑ π ∓ √ ∞

      nice nick. i am wanting to layout some unexposed film or paper to see what happens...

      Apr 14, 09 2:33 pm  · 

      just as long as they don't take you in that little room and do some 'personal x-raying'.

      Apr 15, 09 12:21 pm  · 

      like I said before...I feel like my brain is being fried up by the x-rays!

      Apr 17, 09 1:44 am  · 

      danger, your brain is already fried man.

      b3ta, what if the inner lining of your luggage was all x ray film? you would have a 3 dimensional composite of the contents.

      for me, listening to the sound again, going inside the x-ray machine actually has a calming effect. the cacophony of the airport is swallowed by the drone of the scanning device.

      Apr 17, 09 4:14 pm  · 

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