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    Nick Sowers
    Sep 12, '08 2:52 PM EST
    "I wish I could play little league now. I'd be way better than before" - Mitch Hedberg

    another episode of thesis prep last night. our assignment was to design a cube of space. 1st year undergrad project, right? it was a lot of fun though. there were some really great ideas from my classmates: an opaque water balloon with a wood cube inside (*feel* the cube), a taped off square of floor with chips and salsa in the middle (*eat* the cube) and a mock As-seen-on-TV advertisement where you can buy a cut-and-fold cube to build anywhere for just $9.99!

    We started by discussing some interviews of Bruce Nauman and Rossi's Scientific Autobiography. According to Nauman, art (substitute: thesis) is supposed to be a struggle, a painful process of introspection. You have to invent your own process, every time you go after an idea. For Rossi, he sees the process of finding one's own interests as circular, a constant revisiting of things that caught his eye or a form which evoked an aesthetic experience. A teapot, for example, makes him want to build its form out of brick. One of our advisors commented that the teapot doesn't make any sense to her, it's Rossi's own inaccessible ideas. This is like the thesis: the content doesn't matter so much as the process, the method of exploration.

    Here is my cube:


    there was a disturbingly fun discussion which felt like I was lying down on a shrink's couch in front of 35 psychoanalysts as they looked for ways to connect the cube I made with my thesis question, which is something like: "Is it possible to create defensible space in our current climate of global terrorism (without resorting to a police state)?"


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