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    Urban Islands day 4

    Nick Sowers
    Jul 16, '09 10:01 AM EST
    11:59 pm

    Today was a work day. I would love to report on what's going on, but haha, I'm still working. So if you're wondering what the hell's going on over here in Sydney, you'll have to deduce it from the following three photographs. Interpretations welcome.

    Mark Smout's group:

    Urban Islands

    Geoff Manaugh's group:

    Urban Islands

    Mette Thomson's group:

    Urban Islands


    • DaleG

      In the picture of Geoff Manaugh's group, Gee! I'm curious what are you going to do with those materials. Well I don’t have any ideas what could be the new project you are up to guys! But anyway good luck with that, well if those materials are recycled, then it will save you some money. But if incase you are short of budget you can possibly have emergency loans like payday or short-term loan to help.
      See more at: (spam link deleted)

      Jul 17, 09 2:31 am  · 

      wow. are there new spam robots which can scan photos in a blog and enter into some kind of relevant discussion before unloading the spam link? no, this has to be done manually. matt, is that you?

      Jul 17, 09 6:54 am  · 

      is the manaugh group building a whack-a-mole?

      Jul 22, 09 10:56 pm  · 

      ding! no wait, Team Mark Smout is building the whack-a-mole, a giant whack-a-mole in which the unused cranes of Cockatoo Island are fitted with hammers, pounding all the tourists who pop in and out of the tunnels and voids riddled through the limestone.

      Jul 24, 09 3:32 am  · 

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