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    prnt dsk 2

    Nick Sowers
    Mar 2, '10 1:22 PM EST

    Faysal from the AA school blog is doing a great series called prnt scrn so I thought I'd continue my own series started here.


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    And, this from a 1972 interview of Bruce Nauman with Lorraine Sciara:

    They gave you a studio and said fill it up, and you didn't have to do anything else. You were supposed to sign up with courses with various people, but if you didn't go, most of the [teachers] didn't come to see you... They'd say, "well, you can do that"; or you'd do something that was hard to do just in your own head and they wouldn't say it was good or bad, or you could have made it better if you had done that. They'd just say "well, that's okay to do that," for you to take that thing off the wall and put it over here and not make a painting. Not that it wasn't critical,. If there was work that they didn't like, they'd say it was a pile of shit. But there was just sort of an open feeling, and it was hard for a lot of people being left alone that much, but it worked out really well for me.


    • fays.panda

      nice shot! and thanks for the plug! lol

      Mar 2, 10 6:22 pm  · 

      nice section!

      Mar 3, 10 1:31 am  · 

      is that cereal?!?

      Mar 3, 10 1:31 am  · 

      Barbara's shredded oats

      Mar 4, 10 3:47 pm  · 

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