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  • Opening the box

    Anthony Sunga
    Feb 19, '14 2:25 PM EST

    Song: Don't Wait by Mapei
    Place: Greenpoint, Brooklyn
    Time: 9:24 PM


    It's been about nine months since I graduated from GSAPP, and since then, I transitioned into the professional world as an architectural designer for a development/architecture practice in Manhattan. 

    Fast forward a few months. It was in December when I was visiting my family back in Texas that I got really antsy to do something.  I mean, work is great. I like my coworkers and the projects were fine.  I just needed a bit more ownership in what I was doing.  I think that is a problem that school endears us to.  We have so much freedom to do useless things and string all those things together into a concept and cohesive application.  I did some research onto 3D printing, namely fused filament fabrication. The school bought some Makerbots in my last semester (a collection of all the things being printed at Columbia) that I believe students have direct use, could be wrong.  Otherwise we had to submit it to OPS to print.  

    Anyway, I joined up with my friend and classmate, Michelle to buy a 3D printer and do some fun stuff with it. After reading annoying reviews about personal 3D printers, I figured that the most important qualities for one would be a big printer bed volume, good resolution, and fast speed. Furthermore,   I didn't really need multiple-nozzle or Wi-Fi connectivity.  I also stayed away from proprietary filament which significantly increases the price or an unassembled kit (far too lazy for that nonsense). I came up with the Air Wolf 3D HD which was just released that December.  It has a huge 12"x12"x8" printer volume,  one of the fastest speeds, and very good resolution.  You can see a comparison of available 3D printers here.

    Yesterday, I received the 3D printer.  It came in a month and a half after I ordered it (it was quoted to only be a month).  They said the printer was very popular and it was difficult to keep up with orders.  It took a couple hours to set up it, and yes it has blue LED lights. I calibrated the plate and there was a file already pre-loaded for printing in the micro-SD slot. It took 2 hours and 15 minutes to print.  

    I am very excited for this new toy.  This blog will catalog our adventures in printing: 3D. We will document all of our experiments, failures, and what nots.



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    First test print

  • #36: TINA*!!!!

    Anthony Sunga
    Jun 3, '13 9:47 PM EST

    Song: Pompeii by Bastille Place: Think Coffee, Union Square Time: 9:24 PM TINA* at EOYS.   View full entry

  • #35: TINA* Grows Up

    Anthony Sunga
    Apr 26, '13 11:31 AM EST

    Song: Entertainment by Phoenix (Dirty Projectors Remix) Place: 600 S, Avery Time: 11:21 AM TINA* got a website!   It has all our concept, process, progress, and scheme info.  Since we're in studio finals right now, we're going to start building her in two weeks and it will be up in the... View full entry

  • #35: TINA*

    Anthony Sunga
    Apr 3, '13 12:11 PM EST

    Song: Back and Forth by Operator Please Place: 600 S, Avery Time: 12:01 PM   We had our mid-term review for fast pace//slow space, a tech class by Mark Bearak and Brigette Borders.  Our proposal aptly named TINA*, Tensile Integrity Nodal Assemblage, will be up during EOYS alongside two... View full entry

  • #34: In the Mags

    Anthony Sunga
    Mar 27, '13 11:16 PM EST

    Song: Sleeping Lessons (RAC Remix) by The Shins Place: 600 S, Avery Time: 11:02PM After wasting the evening on BuzzFeed, I decided to post some pictures of our work during China Lab 2012 in the Chinese architecture publication "Urban Flux."  This was a great project headed by professor... View full entry

  • Academic Portfolio: Comment!

    Anthony Sunga
    Mar 11, '13 6:54 PM EST

    Hello Archinect. I need your help! I've almost completed my academic portfolio but I have to add one important thing.  I will be including a layer of comments as  a way to support the images. So if you could please leave a comment in archinect, issuu, or e-mail, I'd really appreciate... View full entry

  • #33: ChinaLab - 1

    Anthony Sunga
    Jul 3, '12 11:05 AM EST

    Song: Oh Marcello by Regina Spektor (Youtube is blocked in China) Place: Studio - X Beijing Time: 10:53PM(Beijing) - 10:53AM(NYC)   So this is my first post about my trip to China with the ChinaLab Workshop. I'm joined with Hank (M.Arch), Paola (M.Arch), Axelle (M.Arch), Chao (M.Arch), Zoe... View full entry

  • #32: Making Movies and end of the year

    Anthony Sunga
    May 17, '12 5:42 PM EST

    Song: Starships  by Nicki Minaj Place: Living Room Studio Time: 5:57 PM So it's the end of the year.  I cleared out my really messy desk (I found an SD card that I thought I lost a month ago) and the EOYS is being taken down tomorrow. I want to showcase my class Cinematic Communication... View full entry

    Final Video "Life:Oblivion"

  • #31: Final Review - Prof. Kazys Varnelis (Port Authority Bus Terminal Redevelopment)

    Anthony Sunga
    Apr 29, '12 2:21 PM EST

    Song: The Wave  by Miike Snow Place: Living Room Studio Time: 2:19 PM FINAL PREZI PRESENTATION The notion of the queue does not begin when one falls in line, but when one thinks up the action and involves all the mental and physical steps up to that action. For example, the bus queue begins... View full entry

  • #30: Uh-Oh, End of Year Two

    Anthony Sunga
    Apr 18, '12 2:47 PM EST

    Song: Oblivion by Grimes Place: 500 N Living Room Studio Time: 2:45 PM My project for studio has made a major evolution at 3/4 review.  It's literally a different project from two weeks ago.  Also, I love prezi!  Great digital presentation format, much better than slides!... View full entry

  • #29: The 1% Gets All The Good Stuff

    Anthony Sunga
    Feb 25, '12 4:41 PM EST

    Song: 212 by Azealia Banks (Harlem Hipsters Holler!!) Place: Living Room Studio Time: 4:43 PM I had a lovely chat with my old studio critic Christoph a. Kumpusch about this semester's Year 1 studio projects.  He showed me some great study models by his student Joem Elias Sanez. He is... View full entry

  • #28: $$$ for Summer & Portfolio

    Anthony Sunga
    Feb 16, '12 1:54 PM EST

    Song: Losing Myself by Will Young (The video is better than the song) Place: 500 S Avery Time: 1:45 PM We have an alternative career fair this weekend!  A lot of the firms do image, graphic design, film, etc.  It would be interesting to see what other design nerds... View full entry

  • # 27: Spring 2012, uh oh!

    Anthony Sunga
    Feb 11, '12 6:22 PM EST

    Song: Silent Places by Baby Dayliner ( I found my old files of music and wanted to resurrect this old fave of mine) Place: Living Room Studio Time: 6:22 PM Geez, it's been a while since I've updated my blog!  I bet everyone in the world is wondering what is happening at GSAPP. 1) Portfolios... View full entry

  • # 26: Mid-Term & Five Voices

    Anthony Sunga
    Nov 7, '11 12:53 PM EST

    Song: Cruel by St. Vincent Place: Living Room Studio Time: 12:39 PM  This semester is the housing studio.  It is the only time in which we must work in partners for studio.  I am in the Lot-Ek studio with has three rotating professors; Ada, Giuseppe, and Thomas.  Also we have... View full entry

  • #25: The West Bank II

    Anthony Sunga
    Sep 8, '11 2:41 PM EST

    Song:Ritual Union by Little Dragon Place: Alfred Lerner Hall, Columbia University Time: 4:39 PM As you can see, the Palestinian Workshop group has made it safely back to the US. School started this week and after the studio lottery, my housing partner and I have LOT-EK for as our critics. We are... View full entry

  • #24: The West Bank (A Brief Overview Insofar)

    Anthony Sunga
    Aug 12, '11 1:09 PM EST

    Song:How Come You Never Go There by Feist Place: Zamn Coffee Shop, Ramallah, West Bank (Palestine) Time:7:15 PM (Ramadan Time) This is going to be my first post of a series about the Riwaq Summer Workshop in the West Bank. Nine students including myself were selected from the M.Arch I and Historic... View full entry

  • #23: EOYS [Icing on the Cake]

    Anthony Sunga
    May 20, '11 3:46 PM EST

    Song:Rolling In The Deep (Jamie XX Shuffle) by Adele *My favorite remix of any song in a really long time Place: Living Room Studio Time:3:47 PM So the summer is here and it's been raining all week in NYC. I'm off to DC for the weekend! As I promised, photos from the GSAPP 2011 End-of-the-Year... View full entry

  • #22: Black & Yellow [End-of-Year Show Sneak Peek]

    Anthony Sunga
    May 13, '11 8:14 PM EST

    Song:Banana Ripple by Junior Boys Place: 500 Avery North Time: 8:02 PM Lucky you! A sneak peek into the GSAPP End-of-the-Year show which opens tomorrow Saturday May 13 at 5:00 PM, AVERY HALL. All classes from studios, visual studies, technology, and seminars will be taking over the school from... View full entry

  • #21: 18 critics, 10 projects, 2 dyson air multipliers, 115 avery

    Anthony Sunga
    May 11, '11 12:19 PM EST

    Song:Sadness is a Blessing by Lykke Li Place: Living Room Studio Time: 12:18 PM Photos from the final! Dan Luo presenting Christoph a. Kumpusch, Mark Wasiuta, and Michael Bell in Conversation Luis Alarcon presenting Christoph a. Kumpusch & Lebbeus Woods Michael Bell, Lebbeus Woods, Mark... View full entry

  • #20: Postpartum Depression

    Anthony Sunga
    Apr 30, '11 12:39 PM EST

    Song:Babyface by the Elected A side project from Rilo Kiley. New album drops May 17 Place: Living Room Studio Time: 12:10 PM On campus, Bacchanal is throwing a concert featuring Snoop Dog. I'm at home nursing my postpartum depression after birthing my final project and trying to do my paper for... View full entry

  • #19: 3/4 Review & Blogs- GSAPP Girl and GSAPP=Sleep

    Anthony Sunga
    Apr 2, '11 12:51 PM EST

    Song:Millions by Evryone I heard this song in a Volvo commercial and I fell in hearts with it. Place: Living Room Studio Time: 12:51 PM We have 3/4 review on Monday and it's really getting down to the wire. We have been designing a library and I've taken the approach of looking at the post-digital... View full entry

  • #18: We Are All Tumbling Blindly..."

    Anthony Sunga
    Mar 22, '11 4:45 PM EST

    Song:Wolf & I by Oh Land Place: 500 N, Avery Time: 4:47PM A good time ago a friend and colleague at GSAPP and I had a conversation about architecture on the roof of her apartment in Morningside Heights while drinking Shoju. “We are all tumbling blindly in some direction but then our... View full entry

  • #17: Big Brother at GSAPP

    Anthony Sunga
    Feb 24, '11 1:05 AM EST

    Song:Worse It Gets (RAC Remix) by Penguin Prison Place: Living Room Studio Time: 12:58 AM So I'm obsessed with an installation one of my fellow students made in our studio. He set up a live cam from a defunct iPHONE and it takes pictures every 30 seconds of what's going on in 500 North. Everyone... View full entry

  • #16: This is New York City too!

    Anthony Sunga
    Feb 6, '11 6:00 PM EST

    Song:Take Me Over by Cut Copy Place: Living Room Studio Time: 6:01PM Part of going to GSAPP is living in New York City. There is an image that this city sets out for the world and it is true to an extent. I want to document unique neighborhoods in New York to defy the popular belief. Here is a... View full entry

  • #15: AD&R I Animations

    Anthony Sunga
    Jan 14, '11 4:45 PM EST

    Song: Chinatown by Wild Nothing Place: Living Room Studio Time: 4:21:58 PM Below is a collection of animations done by 1st Semester AD&R GSAPP students in no particular order. It was the fourth and last assignment in a series to research a contemporary building. The third assignment was to... View full entry

  • #14: 2011 M.Arch applicants, commiserate here!

    Anthony Sunga
    Jan 1, '11 1:46 PM EST

    Song: The Rabbit by Miike Snow Place: Mom's House in McAllen, TX Time: 12:11:12PM SONG: Love the girl's glass at 1:32 Jealous of the little boy with facial hair...I can't grow any :( I've been trolling the archinect 2011 M.Arch applicant forum since I was vocalizing my frustrations, concerns, and... View full entry

  • #13: 1st Semester Final Review

    Anthony Sunga
    Dec 7, '10 3:16 PM EST

    Song: What's My Name by Rihanna Place: Living Room Studio in my Apartment Time: 3:16:11PM They turned on the tree lights at University Walk. It made me feel like a princess...or at least Christmas-y. The critics for our review. I found out a lot of professors and critics funnel in from Princeton... View full entry

  • #12: Circus is in Town

    Anthony Sunga
    Nov 17, '10 12:08 PM EST

    Song: Princess Crocodile by Gry with FM Einheit Place: Avery Library Time: 12:08:05 PM Misery Comes from Here 50 Transparencies of Site Analyses for Atmosphere IV: Air Lab Architectural Drawing & Representation Project of Seed Cathedral If only cities looked like this table!!! ROBYN at... View full entry

  • #11:Atmosphere III:Cell REVIEW

    Anthony Sunga
    Oct 29, '10 4:29 PM EST

    Song: Whip My Hair by Willow Smith Place: 5th Fl North: Avery Hall Time: 4:20PM We had our review last week and this time around we didn't combine sections together. It took about 5.5 hrs for 12 students. The reviewers were much more critical this time around and actually had dialogue going... View full entry

  • #10: Atmosphere III: Cell (Naica Mine Rollercoaster) PRELIM

    Anthony Sunga
    Oct 9, '10 2:40 PM EST

    Song: Go Do by Jonsi (of Sigur Ros) Time: 2:33:45PM Place: Living room/Studio We had a preliminary pin-up yesterday for our third project. The prompt is to design a cell/pod for 1 or 2 climatologists to do research and live for 12 hour shifts. I was looking at fantastic geological sites as a proxy... View full entry

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