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    Academic Portfolio: Comment!

    Anthony Sunga
    Mar 11, '13 6:54 PM EST

    Hello Archinect. I need your help!

    I've almost completed my academic portfolio but I have to add one important thing.  I will be including a layer of comments as  a way to support the images. So if you could please leave a comment in archinect, issuu, or e-mail, I'd really appreciate it.


     1. Indicate page of image for comment

    2. Leave a comment (good, bad, or ugly)

    3. Indicate first name and profession

    4. Rinse & repeat!


    The more comments I get, the better! Thanks so much guys.


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    • BulgarBlogger

      Interesting work/projects. Your layout and text is rather sporadic. Stick with a format and be consistent. It gives consistency across the entire portfolio and thereby makes for a better understanding of the content. Lastly, no one has time to read through the descriptions of various projects. You are just creating more work for yourself and opening yourself up to the possibility of making typos. Write as little as possible (if at all); let the work speak for itself.

      Feb 23, 17 9:25 am  · 

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