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  • AZP::Welcome back

    By jesusmaldonado
    Jan 29, '14 8:09 PM EST

    Hey Archinect,

    I kind of fell off the blogging wagon last semester. Things got kind of crazy. But here are some updates...

    --New Laptop: Get one before you start a graduate program! Having the ability to work at school in the library, outside of studio is essential!

    Recently, BIG and Irma Boom came to Columbia to lecture. Alejandro Zaera-Polo (AZP) is here now. Tough guy to understand, and even tougher perhaps to decipher through his thick Spanish accent, so I'll try to write short, overly simplified bulletpoints. 


    He says:

    --The theory of the facade is in danger. 

    --The facade mediates between public and private, but it also does 

    --The facade could crystallize the technical, cultural, political processes within the building.

    --I want to understand the technical processes of the facade.

    (Shows example of facade unit and entire building)

    --We draw simple lines for mullions, but the object itself is represented by complex ridges, gaskets, drainage channels--devices that affect the way the facade transmits light, heat, etc.

    --Wants to name his 12 identified facades

    1. Curtain wall.

    2. Precast concrete

    3. Airtight Envelopes (

    4. Watertight Envelopes

    5. Screens

    ...going really fast.

    9. Textile Facades

    10. Media facades

    11. Vegetated facades

    12. Kinetic facades


    1. Curtain Wall--generally made with glass and aluminum

    --About constructing the world from scratch with a transparent envelope

    Side-note: doesn't care about whether a facade was used first or last.

    Lever House::First Facade out there

    ==Evolution of the facade as dark, because it was inefficient.

    ====John Hancock Building in Boston tried to remedy this but the double-glazing failed.

    ======Patterns and technologies used in a different way to use fritted, twisting glass.

    2. Precast Concrete

    --Incredible forms.

    --Sold as the form of social housing. 


    End. Back to drafting. I'll update with studio life soon!

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  • update and a model

    By jesusmaldonado
    Nov 15, '13 1:21 AM EST

    Archinect! Too much has happened since j last saw you guys. Here are some screenshots of my model of the Jewish Museum for our representation class. I just wanted to abstract the skin and light properties of the building. I tried to exaggerate these qualities by white etching on black acrylic and... View full entry

  • Project Two | Athlete | Redux | Toymaker | Sleeping | Project 3

    By jesusmaldonado
    Oct 12, '13 9:53 PM EST

    Breakdown count increased from four to eight since the last time I updated.  I am having a difficult time at the school, but trying to keep a positive attitude throughout the experience. It's just not coming easy to me and that's fine.  I'm going to stick to a couple photos and... View full entry

  • Jacques Herzog, Vishaan Chakrabarti's Urban Manifesto, First Review and Le Corbusier's Buttcheeks

    By jesusmaldonado
    Sep 21, '13 10:30 AM EST

    I had no idea what I was getting into here. I have already had like four emotional breakdowns as I get software after idea after criticism after recitation after class thrown on my plate.  Sick second year model (Rafi Segal Studio) Except for Friday morning, where I purposely slept in (not... View full entry

  • Smiling at too many options, Humanism, and a shell: the first two days of GSAPP M.Arch I.

    By jesusmaldonado
    Sep 5, '13 3:52 PM EST

    Hey there Archinect, It has been a pretty jam-packed few days here at the GSAPP for me, as I tried to secure a good gig and do bureaucratic stuff. Recently, we were introduced to the options students are "globally" pummeled with in an "informal," "rigorous" and "critical" way. GSAPP's four... View full entry

  • Wahoo! New school year.

    By jesusmaldonado
    Aug 27, '13 7:43 PM EST

    Avery Hall, the gorgeous building that houses Columbia's architecture department. I am just about to begin my first year at Columbia pursuing my Master of Architecture. I actually came from a biochemistry background and have less preparation in architecture than others. From the bench-top science... View full entry

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