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    #11:Atmosphere III:Cell REVIEW

    Anthony Sunga
    Oct 29, '10 4:29 PM EST

    Song: Whip My Hair by Willow Smith
    Place: 5th Fl North: Avery Hall
    Time: 4:20PM

    We had our review last week and this time around we didn't combine sections together. It took about 5.5 hrs for 12 students. The reviewers were much more critical this time around and actually had dialogue going, albeit amongs themselves only.

    In comparison to last review, the drawings are starting to really develop. A lot more exploded axons, analysis drawings looking more like infographics, and heavy on computer graphics. I have to say the projects were driven by site and everyone picked really unique sites. We had people hanging on lightpoles, off cliffs in the grand canyon, atop NYC watertowers, defunct smoke stakes, and for me inside the Naica Cave.

    My biggest criticism was that they didn't see a concise strategy and they said they really appreciated my drawings, graphics, and layout. I think I had to clearly articulate whether it was a system to lay down track in any cave or site specific to Naica. The schedule analysis changed to a schedule of construction and researched rollercoasters more and simplified the track to utilize I-beams only.

    We've started the last project Atmosphere IV: Air Lab. The site is the Southstreet Seaport in Manhattan. I'll post analyses soon.

    OH AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN. Columbia gave us a 4 day election weekend so I get more time to do work :

    Uh OH! My Board

    The Review Room

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