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    Anthony Sunga
    Feb 19, '14 2:25 PM EST

    Song: Don't Wait by Mapei
    Place: Greenpoint, Brooklyn
    Time: 9:24 PM


    It's been about nine months since I graduated from GSAPP, and since then, I transitioned into the professional world as an architectural designer for a development/architecture practice in Manhattan. 

    Fast forward a few months. It was in December when I was visiting my family back in Texas that I got really antsy to do something.  I mean, work is great. I like my coworkers and the projects were fine.  I just needed a bit more ownership in what I was doing.  I think that is a problem that school endears us to.  We have so much freedom to do useless things and string all those things together into a concept and cohesive application.  I did some research onto 3D printing, namely fused filament fabrication. The school bought some Makerbots in my last semester (a collection of all the things being printed at Columbia) that I believe students have direct use, could be wrong.  Otherwise we had to submit it to OPS to print.  

    Anyway, I joined up with my friend and classmate, Michelle to buy a 3D printer and do some fun stuff with it. After reading annoying reviews about personal 3D printers, I figured that the most important qualities for one would be a big printer bed volume, good resolution, and fast speed. Furthermore,   I didn't really need multiple-nozzle or Wi-Fi connectivity.  I also stayed away from proprietary filament which significantly increases the price or an unassembled kit (far too lazy for that nonsense). I came up with the Air Wolf 3D HD which was just released that December.  It has a huge 12"x12"x8" printer volume,  one of the fastest speeds, and very good resolution.  You can see a comparison of available 3D printers here.

    Yesterday, I received the 3D printer.  It came in a month and a half after I ordered it (it was quoted to only be a month).  They said the printer was very popular and it was difficult to keep up with orders.  It took a couple hours to set up it, and yes it has blue LED lights. I calibrated the plate and there was a file already pre-loaded for printing in the micro-SD slot. It took 2 hours and 15 minutes to print.  

    I am very excited for this new toy.  This blog will catalog our adventures in printing: 3D. We will document all of our experiments, failures, and what nots.



    First test print


    • thatwaybro

      Dude there are various types of 3d printers out there. Not just limited to filaments :) This one looks like it made the T-1000 lol - Yeah it's an exciting field for sure. Little pricey for my wallet at the moment. You'll see in 10 years, 3d printing will be an household name. Fingers crossed!

      May 5, 16 4:44 pm  · 

      Hey guys just an update - Now they are 3d printing in color. I told you this technology is the future :)

      Oct 22, 17 11:04 pm  · 

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