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    #12: Circus is in Town

    Anthony Sunga
    Nov 17, '10 12:08 PM EST

    Song: Princess Crocodile by Gry with FM Einheit
    Place: Avery Library
    Time: 12:08:05 PM

    Misery Comes from Here

    50 Transparencies of Site Analyses for Atmosphere IV: Air Lab


    Architectural Drawing & Representation Project of Seed Cathedral



    If only cities looked like this table!!!



    ROBYN at Terminal 5!!!!!

    I had a conversation with my studio critic about verbal explanation of projects before our 3/4 review yesterday. I asked how could someone describe the motivations of a project if whatever we're doing is emotionally driven. Of course I had my preconceptions of his answers. 1. Emotion is just a manifestation of logic. 2. There is a secret language we haven't been taught yet about verbalizing emotion (possibly spoken in Esperanto only). 3. You're being stupid Anthony! Architects don't have emotions!

    We concluded that it's not good in a learning institution to try to use emotions to verbalize a project because it doesn't help the student to rationalize ideas. There are logical rationalizations, the student just needs to make the connections. In the professional practice (outside of lectures at school and conventions) emotional drive is fine.

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    • Hi fantastic explorations! I'm looking at doing a technical study of the seed cathedral; however I'm really struggling to find technical documentation, I've contacted Thomas Heatherwick but their office is super busy. Is there any possiblility that you could send me a scale plan and section if you have? or any link where I could get a scaled set of drawings from?

      Aug 5, 12 12:28 pm  · 

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