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    #2: GSAPP Open House for Accepted Students

    Anthony Sunga
    Apr 8, '10 1:48 PM EST

    Time: 1:20:39PM
    Place: Think Coffee on 4th Ave.
    Song: Hysteric by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

    Yesterday for the first time I met my future GSAPP colleagues. Everyone seemed as anxious as I was and I met a lot of people from very unique backstories.


    In my previous post I commented that the schedule for the Open House appeared dull. I take that back. The day began with a caveat by Danielle Smoller that "we don't dress up the school" to entice students to come to GSAPP and that may turn some of you off. The program is wholly based on the student and each individual's aspirations. There is an immense list of classes, studios, and labs to choose from and students are actively engaged in evolving, changing, and even subverting the structure of the program.

    The GSAPP student is extremely self-driven and the school provides every opportunity to make his desires come to fruition. There is no singular style, ideology, or philosophy. Every thought is considered and one must be ready to defend, evolve, and grow.

    It was a beautiful day and we took our lunch out on the lawn between Q&As with current students, recent alums, and admins. Dean Wigley commented on the program as always looking 10 years ahead. Things you do here now will be done elsewhere in 10 years time. Ideas formulated here will become common practice in 10 years time.


    A lot of questions were posed especially about paying loans and the prospects of employment after school. I asked if drinking was an important part of the design process and the panel agreed it is totally essential. Every friday at 6 the students apparently go to the roof for some debauchery.

    The student body is comprised of 50% architecture background and 50% other which I was told creates a beautiful chaos where everyone learns more from each other than faculty.

    I came home with nearly 100% assurance that GSAPP is for me, We'll just have to see what happens at Cornell.

    GSAPP Tote
    ABSTRACT 2006/2007
    ABSTRACT 2007/2008
    ABSTRACT 2008/2009
    Possibly over $100,000 in grad school debt



    • kotaro

      I'm going to GSAPP. Check your inbox!

      Apr 8, 10 7:44 pm  · 

      i want a gsapp tote

      Apr 9, 10 1:51 pm  · 


      I'll sell you mine for a million dollars!

      Apr 9, 10 2:12 pm  · 

      gsapp, more like gcrap.

      Apr 9, 10 9:48 pm  · 

      whoops, sorry about that drunken post. it was meant to be an affectionate joke. i'm actually a student at columbia who's very happy to be here. hope you will be too. congrats!

      Apr 10, 10 11:29 am  · 

      Friday @ 5 is a SCIArc tradition u bastards. See u in NY

      Apr 10, 10 8:37 pm  · 

      Ha! drunk at 6:48PM? Actually that does make sense. I made my decision yesterday and I guess we may run into one another.

      Apr 15, 10 12:41 pm  · 

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