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    #15: AD&R I Animations

    Anthony Sunga
    Jan 14, '11 4:45 PM EST

    Song: Chinatown by Wild Nothing
    Place: Living Room Studio
    Time: 4:21:58 PM

    Below is a collection of animations done by 1st Semester AD&R GSAPP students in no particular order. It was the fourth and last assignment in a series to research a contemporary building. The third assignment was to create a physical model using digital fabrication and the second was to model the whole project in Rhino.

    Please let me know which ones are your favorites!

    If you want your animation added or removed from this collection, send me a link to the file online or comment that you want yours removed.

    School starts on tuesday and studio critics have been posted:

    Yolande Daniels
    Marks Rakatansky
    Karla Rothstein
    Mark Wasiuta
    Robert Marino
    Cristina Goberna
    Christoph Kumpusch
    Karel Klein

    Apparently Janette Kim and Mabel Wilson are not teaching the section this semester.

    I have Mark Wasiuta and Christophe Kumpusch as my top two picks which leaves my third up in the air. We'll have professor presentations on Wednesdays and find out soon thereafter.

    Also, I've submitted to enter a competition to design a Pavilion on Governor's Island along with several of my classmates. I will post the 11x17s after I submit.

    Loblolly House | "Daylight" from Jenna Miller on Vimeo.

    ADR Final Animation from MArch Student on Vimeo.

    Nora House by Atelier Bow-Wow, Animation by Anton Yupangco from anton yupangco on Vimeo.

    Tron Concert Hall from Ray Ho on Vimeo.

    AD+R 2010 Nanjing Art and Architecture Museum Animation from Elisabeth Robertson on Vimeo.

    ADR_Fall 2010_Sunga_GSAPP from Anthony Sunga on Vimeo.

    Air Force Academy Chapel from Samantha on Vimeo.

    GSAPP AD+R Animation from Kimberly V. Nguyen on Vimeo.

    GSAPP ADR Final Animation from R Y M on Vimeo.

    GSAPP M.Arch Therese Diede AD+R final animation from Therese Diede on Vimeo.

    Pompidou Centre in Metz France GSAPP AD+R from hank byron on Vimeo.

    IIT McCormick Tribune Campus Center from henrietta on Vimeo.

    GSAPP AD+R 2010 from Luis Felipe Paris on Vimeo.

    AD+R Final - GSAPP Columbia from Phillip Crupi on Vimeo.

    o1nichols AD+R animation from owen nichols on Vimeo.

    GSAPP ADR1 Nakagin Tower animation from provolot on Vimeo.

    IKMZ Library from Mia Zinni on Vimeo.

    Seattle Library AD+R FALL 2010 from gian colangelo on Vimeo.


    • jemueljoseph

      The final video of the Seattle Library takes the cake. It's perfectly orchestrated with the music and adequately shows different layers of the library. I would've loved the Tron Concert Hall video as well but the glow effect was overkill.

      Jan 14, 11 9:55 pm  · 

      except if you look close, the diagrid doesn't line up at the corners :P


      technical question for you gsappers: how do you animate a facade/skin growing (unmasking) on a facade in max

      Jan 14, 11 10:10 pm  · 

      wait, let me guess: animate a vol select modifier?

      Jan 14, 11 10:50 pm  · 

      I'm not exactly sure what you're asking but if I'm understand correctly you want to know how to make something appear and swipe through?

      People animated a slice modifier to do that.

      I hope that's what you were asking.

      Jan 16, 11 11:24 am  · 

      that sounds like what I'm after

      Jan 16, 11 3:01 pm  · 
      Roberto Costa

      great work everyone.

      what programs were used in addition to rhino?

      Jan 16, 11 4:18 pm  · 

      @ Robert

      We used Rhino to model, 3DS Max to animate & render, and after effects for the bells and whistles. Some used alternative programs, but it was generally done this way.

      Jan 16, 11 5:01 pm  · 

      Wow! some really interesting animations.

      Wondering, how do you model the diamond structural grid?

      Jan 21, 11 4:07 am  · 

      Wow guys, great work! Really cool animations... Personally, the Rolex Learning Center was my favorite, since the animation is very well orchestrated with the music. Also, the rendering is very detailed and pure! I feel that some animations were very conceptual, some others were too short to even grasp the rendering, and others didn't really related to the music. Overall, they are all really good, though... Congrats!

      Jan 21, 11 1:33 pm  · 

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