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    #1: The Blog Begins

    Anthony Sunga
    Apr 4, '10 11:52 AM EST

    Hello everyone. I'm really excited about this blog as you can obviously see I've started 6 months before school even begins.

    This coming week I will start with a bang by attending the opening houses for GSAPP and Cornell. The schedule for GSAPP looks pretty dull, with no specific topics for discussion. Cornell's spans two days concluding with a lecture by Rem Koolhaas. They even have an informational on financial aid.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing the kind of students that matriculate into the schools (sizing them up) and hopefully take pictures of the archetypal student of the respective school.

    I decided to start this blog to help formalize my thoughts and comment on the work of the school, students, and the city. Hopefully you will find some great insight on the school and create dialogue between different institutions.

    If you guys have any suggestions to make this blog better, please feel free to comment.

    Song of the day: Ottoman by Vampire Weekend (Columbians)


    • Lian Chikako Chang

      Welcome! Looking forward to following your blog.

      I'm curious why you're going to the Cornell open house if you're committed to GSAPP? Is it just to see what's going on there?


      Apr 4, 10 1:21 pm  · 
      Paola Echegaray

      I also got into Columbia, but I'm trying to figure out if it's the best program for me since I want to focus on humanitarian design. I'm also attending the open house. Good luck!

      Apr 4, 10 8:57 pm  · 


      I'm not 100% committed to GSAPP, I still have time to decide. It mostly boils down to money and program. I already live in NYC so that definitely helps.


      I'll see you at the open house! Let me know if you find GSAPP is conducive to your ideas of humanitarian design.

      Apr 5, 10 12:32 pm  · 

      I'm proud to see a Commiserator jumping to a school blog... ah, how we work our ways up the social ladder :)

      Apr 5, 10 5:45 pm  · 

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