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    #6: The NEW New York City Subway Map

    Anthony Sunga
    Jun 15, '10 12:21 AM EST

    TIME: 12:18:56AM
    SONG: Angelika by Devendra Banhart
    PLACE: Bedroom in Brooklyn

    I was on the G and something made me do a double-take. The MTA has updated the subway map! No big Vignelli redesign, but simply another iteration on the 1979 map. I wonder if people will gripe over taking out major bus transfers, but doubtful. People who use buses have the subway map memorized, and everyone else is a tourist or a newbie New Yorker and seldom use that info anyway. All in all it, much simpler so I like. Here's a before and after of the maps and a NYT article on the changes.



    I've also started a photo project taking pictures of people with collegiate t-shirts. Will post the photos and a map describing found location and respective colleges.


    • rza

      That's a great song. Was in my head the other day.

      Jun 15, 10 12:50 pm  · 

      I am still a big fan of this version.

      Jun 16, 10 9:11 am  · 
      The Job Captain

      i find new york's subway to be infinitely confusing

      Jun 17, 10 12:28 am  · 

      I enjoy that kickmap shows theoretical neighborhood boundaries as well as an easier to understand line system.

      Jun 17, 10 7:04 pm  · 

      @ CayceP I definitely think a map with layered neighborhoods, streets, and subway lines really helps people transition into the NYC mindset. Long time New Yorkers talk so intensely about neighborhoods and their characteristics, and it helps to have a highly usable reference to it.

      Jun 18, 10 9:49 am  · 

      i use john rocker's subway map...

      Jun 23, 10 12:26 pm  · 

      I agree that the KickMap is great ... the official new subway map seems more evolutionary than anything else.

      Jun 28, 10 3:15 am  · 

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