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    #14: 2011 M.Arch applicants, commiserate here!

    Anthony Sunga
    Jan 1, '11 1:46 PM EST

    Song: The Rabbit by Miike Snow
    Place: Mom's House in McAllen, TX
    Time: 12:11:12PM

    Love the girl's glass at 1:32
    Jealous of the little boy with facial hair...I can't grow any :(

    I've been trolling the archinect 2011 M.Arch applicant forum since I was vocalizing my frustrations, concerns, and worries last year. There were the same characters as well but didn't have the overall worry of the recession hanging in the air. There are some remnant feelings, but last year was simply pandemonium- everyone was relying on grad school as their ticket out of the professional chaos.

    I've created a cast of characters when it comes to these forums. I think we can find ourselves in them.

    1)The experienced naysayer- She warns the kids out of architecture. It is hard/unrewarding/painful/under-appreciated, etc. Wants everyone else out of the field (maybe because she didn't find success herself). How much money is considered a lot if you want to make loads of cash? I come from a low-middle class family so anything over $60 would be nice. Do people think that over $120k is a lot of money? I think that's a HUGE INCOME.

    2) The gloater - Loves to update everyone about their portfolios, grades, LOR, undergrad education, hook-ups to the schools (I was guilty for this). She just posts about herself and doesn't provide helpful criticism for others.

    3) The hopeful outsider - Interested in architecture but doesn't come from architecture degree. Obsessed with the idea that they're an outsider and have an idealized idea of the architecture world. Newsflash: It's not what you think, it's much more boring. Half attempt to make architectural drawings, but fail because it's not about creating floor plans. The others are able to translate their background into the architecture realm which is the way to go.

    4) The overachiever - Applied to 12 programs including: GSD, GSAPP, YSOA, PennDesign, Sci-Arc, AA, Bartlett, Princeton, Cornell, UCLA, and every other school under the sun. Her unfocus is her undoing. Study the schools, find out what kind of culture you're looking for, and take it from there. You're just creating bloat, that's why Americans are so fat.

    5) The angry reject- Yeah you hellraiser! Just kidding

    6) The perfect asian girl - Great grades, great portfolio, really sweet, nonabrasive, helpful, and kind. I wish I was an asian girl.

    7) The obsessed - checks the forum every 5-10 minutes to check updates. Replies to everyone's reply of a reply. Her mind only thinks about getting into programs. Knows the URL for every architecture website by heart. Has over 15 extra copies of their portfolio in their room.

    I can't wait to see how crazy the forum gets when replies are sent out. Good luck to everyone! Especially those from my undergrad alma mater. GO UT Arlington! I got props from a 2011 commiserator when he posted about where students went after graduating. arquiteuthis on page 3.


    • Lian Chikako Chang

      The kicker is that a person is never in just one of these categories. You might be a 3/6, or a 2/7, a 4/5/7, or a 5-and-soon-to-be-1. :)

      Jan 2, 11 9:47 pm  · 

      Definitely Lian:

      I'd say I'm a 5 soon to be 6, once I get my operation :).

      Jan 3, 11 1:29 pm  · 
      Lian Chikako Chang

      6/7/2 over here. Except that I'm a modified 6: sometimes abrasive.

      Jan 4, 11 6:52 pm  · 

      Hey Tony. I'm definitely a 2/4/7. I think the '2' is excusable in this case because we both went to UTA and know that people that actually escape the clutches of complacency and go to other schools are actually well qualified to do so. The '4' is because I want to get out of Texas! GAH! Plus, I don't buy the DI rankings putting Michigan at the top of the charts. Bleh. I went for the perennial superpowers where I A.) have friends and B.) know what the faculty does. Forget living in Philly, Ithaca, or masturbatory conceptual computerization at SCI-ARC, though. I'm middle class and white, so naturally the Ivy League is within my stereotypical grasp.

      By the way, remember kickin it in Cafe Studio way back when you were in 51/52 and I was drawing sections through lemons and limes with a Cowboy always tagging along? Crazy! I hope GSAPP is treating you well; I might be joining you when I find out in March!

      Jan 5, 11 4:44 am  · 


      Of course I remember cafe studio. Those damn lemons and limes. I can't believe they had y'all drawing that for a good month.

      I tried looking at your port on issuu but it's not working. I wanted to see it.

      Keep me posted as to where you're going. Also did you fill out the GSAPP scholarship. They pretty generous.

      I hope I see you see here at GSAPP, I'm the only UTAer here right now and it'd be nice to have some company. Also I saw giancarlo during the GSAPP open house. He's looking to apply the next year. Anyone else from UTA applying that you know of?

      Jan 6, 11 10:39 am  · 

      I'm a 3 and a 6(Just the asian girl part though. I'm not very helpful, kind, or well...yeah)

      Why are they all girls? Why are boats female? Why is God a dude? What am I?

      Love the video. Love this post.

      Jan 6, 11 2:50 pm  · 

      i totally want to be a number 6 as well. haha. unfortunately i'm a solid number 5. :(

      Jan 6, 11 7:28 pm  · 


      I didn't want to use the normative masculine pronoun; it just goes to show us that the English language still has its faults. We need gender neutral pronouns!

      I'm sure your a nice and giving asian girl. If you want to express that niceness more, send $100 my way and I'll write a post on how nice you are! :)


      You and me both. I wonder if there is a 2-for-1 gender reassignment surgery special going on somewhere; we can go halvesies.

      Jan 6, 11 8:21 pm  · 

      totally down. i'll make some calls.

      Jan 6, 11 9:45 pm  · 


      That's odd. Was this the link you were trying? What does it say when you try to view it? It works for me on both Safari and Firefox. Hmmm. Keep trying it and tell me if/when it decides to work.

      As for financial aide, I have yet to apply, but I have until the 15th as I understand. I know that Varia also submitted her application to GSAPP, but other than that, we are the only two. Only four of our class we graduated with are applying this year. o_0

      Jan 6, 11 11:29 pm  · 

      I'm also a UTA Arch grad. Not applying to Columbia. I'm afraid I don't fit in any of the categories though. I would be more of the hopeful experienced insider imperfect white girl.

      Jan 9, 11 2:55 pm  · 

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