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    # 27: Spring 2012, uh oh!

    Anthony Sunga
    Feb 11, '12 6:22 PM EST

    Song: Silent Places by Baby Dayliner ( I found my old files of music and wanted to resurrect this old fave of mine)
    Place: Living Room Studio
    Time: 6:22 PM

    Geez, it's been a while since I've updated my blog!  I bet everyone in the world is wondering what is happening at GSAPP.

    1) Portfolios for jobs. I didn't do the job fair but I revamped my portfolio.  I'll be uploading it soon!

    2) Classes

    CORE IV with Professor Kazys Varnelis and we're doing a research heavy project on the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

    Traditional Chinese Architecture with Prof Liu Chang.  Rumor has it he flies once a week from China to teach the class.  He brought a dougong from China for us to assemble.  Sometimes teamwork doesn't work....this time it did.

    Tech V:  We have to detail out the structure of a building we design.  As opposed to last semester's detailing of a case study. 

    Visual Studies A:  A Maya course examining kinematics to other stuff.

    Visual Studies B:  App-itecture, I didn't realy the syllabus and the pre-req is to take a Processing class.  I may have screwed up. We'll see what happens I guess!


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