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    #33: ChinaLab - 1

    Anthony Sunga
    Jul 3, '12 11:05 AM EST

    Song: Oh Marcello by Regina Spektor (Youtube is blocked in China)

    Place: Studio - X Beijing

    Time: 10:53PM(Beijing) - 10:53AM(NYC)


    So this is my first post about my trip to China with the ChinaLab Workshop. I'm joined with Hank (M.Arch), Paola (M.Arch), Axelle (M.Arch), Chao (M.Arch), Zoe (M.Arch), May (UP), Lucrecia (UP) and several students from CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts) in Beijing.  We've been divided into two groups to do research on public space for a multi-developer megablock and new museum typologies.  I'm on the public space team!

    This is my first time to China and I have a few observations:

    1. Things are very inexpensive (Subway=30cents, bottle of water=30cents, breakfast with iced coffee drink=$1.50, bus ride=15cents, new cell phone =$35, new bike=$50, peking duck at Da Dong with wine =$50, coffee=$4(strangely expensive))

    2.  Not everyone speaks english, obvs.

    3. A block is really big, I mean really really big.

    4. Being Asian and not knowing Chinese may give you weird looks.

    5. Taxis charge by distance and not by time.

    6. Wear cheap shoes.

    7. CoCo will be your best friend

    8. Raw vegetables are okay

    9. Spicy food should make your mouth numb

    10. Soccer is in and ping-pong is not.

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