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  • #9: Atmosphere II: Backpack (Water Soldier)

    Anthony Sunga
    Oct 4, '10 1:57 AM EST

    Song: Cupid Boy by Kylie Minogue
    Place: Living Room with new IKEA black glass table (YAY!)
    Time: 12:56:37 AM

    Last Monday was our second jury again in Ware Lounge with Professor Christoph Kumpusch. Entitled "Backpack", we made a scalar jump from the ice project looking at the space near the human body; we were to design a backpack that could filter water. With such a loose prompt, the students came up with 22 different schemes. I created an emergency distribution system that answered two questions. Can water/air act as structure and can man be a factory? Beginning with a printable disposable plastic sheet, it can filled with water or air to be flat packed and mass distributed, utilize its structure for emergency care, or integrate into the backpack for comfort. Because of emergency situations, I chose not to rely on electricity and be as portable as possible and decided to use hand pumps to filter and fill.

    Other students looked at a poetic analogy to masculinity and sexuality, a floatable device that saved you from dirty water two ways, through filtration and life support, and a backpack that translated the motion of a body in motion to electricity, amongst many others.

    The critics were more than impressed that we really took this project beyond the prompt making very particular and unique schemes. He went so far as to say we exceed previous year's "work." I don't know if that was hyperbole or truth, but it definitely made us feel good. But the most important global criticism was that we were looking at architecture again as opposed to a purely computational engine.

    My scheme is in the corner by the door with the detail cells. My biggest gripe is that the school promotes itself as a paperless program but we're still doing good ol' fashion pin-ups. I guess multi-media presentations won't be for later semesters.


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  • #8: Atmosphere I (Ice melt and catching drips)

    Anthony Sunga
    Sep 14, '10 12:45 PM EST

    Song: Never Gonna Leave Me by Sia Place: Studio 5th Floor North, Avery Hall Time: 12:18:59 PM Yesterday was our first pin up held in Ware Lounge with our professor Moreno and Prof. Rakatansky. 24 students present and feedback takes four hours with NO BREAK!!! For the project entitled ATMOSPHERE I... View full entry

  • #7: PS1 Warm-up: Pole Dance by Solid Objectives

    Anthony Sunga
    Aug 22, '10 10:06 AM EST

    Song: Hang With Me by Robyn Place: New Apartment in Harlem Time: 10:07:26 AM In typical architect fashion. I admit, this blog entry is way past due. I attended the July 3rd PS1 Warm-up Show with musical guest Delorean under the outdoor exhibition "Pole Dance" by Solid Objectives. (Yes I see that... View full entry

  • #6: The NEW New York City Subway Map

    Anthony Sunga
    Jun 15, '10 12:21 AM EST

    TIME: 12:18:56AM SONG: Angelika by Devendra Banhart PLACE: Bedroom in Brooklyn I was on the G and something made me do a double-take. The MTA has updated the subway map! No big Vignelli redesign, but simply another iteration on the 1979 map. I wonder if people will gripe over taking out major bus... View full entry

  • #5: Social Time and Shrimp Cocktails at End-of-Year Exhibit.

    Anthony Sunga
    May 17, '10 12:53 AM EST

    Time: 11:39:17PM Place: Pink Couch, Living Room, Brooklyn Apartment Song: ALL THE SONGS ON THE NEW CRYSTAL CASTLES ALBUM Last saturday was a very busy day consisting of two birthday celebrations and being nice to people from LA. I woke up pressing the snooze button three times on my new HTC HD... View full entry

  • #4: Trip Out to Pratt's UA Distinguished Student Review

    Anthony Sunga
    May 3, '10 2:27 PM EST

    Time: 2:23:22PM Place: My Brooklyn Bedroom Song: Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk by the New Pornographers I went out to the Pratt Institute to visit a friend in her final semester of the graduate program and fortunately they were in the middle of undergraduate final reviews on a Saturday. YES, SATURDAY!!!... View full entry

  • #3: Cornell AAP and Me

    Anthony Sunga
    Apr 15, '10 12:12 PM EST

    Time:11:31:51AM Place: Bedroom in Brooklyn Song: House Jam by Gang Gang Dance The last four days I spent in Ithaca, NY visiting the Cornell AAP Open House for Accepted Students. The Campus to Campus bus between the two was fantastic. The chairs are comfy, there's internet, outlets, and free snacks... View full entry

  • #2: GSAPP Open House for Accepted Students

    Anthony Sunga
    Apr 8, '10 1:48 PM EST

    Time: 1:20:39PM Place: Think Coffee on 4th Ave. Song: Hysteric by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs Yesterday for the first time I met my future GSAPP colleagues. Everyone seemed as anxious as I was and I met a lot of people from very unique backstories. In my previous post I commented that the schedule for the... View full entry

  • #1: The Blog Begins

    Anthony Sunga
    Apr 4, '10 11:52 AM EST

    Hello everyone. I'm really excited about this blog as you can obviously see I've started 6 months before school even begins. This coming week I will start with a bang by attending the opening houses for GSAPP and Cornell. The schedule for GSAPP looks pretty dull, with no specific topics for... View full entry

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