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    # 26: Mid-Term & Five Voices

    Anthony Sunga
    Nov 7, '11 12:53 PM EST

    Song: Cruel by St. Vincent
    Place: Living Room Studio
    Time: 12:39 PM 

    This semester is the housing studio.  It is the only time in which we must work in partners for studio.  I am in the Lot-Ek studio with has three rotating professors; Ada, Giuseppe, and Thomas.  Also we have a new studio director, Hillary Sample from YSOA.  Needless to say, I have many voices in my head.  I am fortunate to have a partner that performs on the same wave length as me, but it is still a struggle to appease everyone.  Unlike other studios, we are tackling issues of housing with urban food production.  Also, this is Hillary Sample's first time at GSAPP, so she is getting her bearings and trying out new things.  

    My main gripe: change MWF studio to just M/Th studio.  This gives us enough time to digest opinions and produce something substantial.  I think with MWF, we are constantly preparing for another desk-crit, pin-up, or presentation. 

    Here are our mid-term presentations. 

    Team: Anne Baker & Anthony Abel Sunga

    Food:  Fat (Oil Palm Production)

    Scheme:  Hyper Density Plantation (Sumatra:: NYC)


    Team: Steven Chou & Hank Byron

    Food:  Fruit (Oranges Production)

    Scheme:  Orange Tree as Family Member/ Diagonal Housing for Solar Exposure

    Team: Ray Ho & Tanya Gershon

    Food:  Vegetable (Mushroom Production)

    Scheme:  Living in Darkness


    Team: Michael Georgopoulos & Luis Alarcon

    Food: Grain  (Corn Production)

    Scheme:  Machine Tuned to Corn Life-Cycle

    Team: Michelle O'Carroll & Rebecca

    Food:  Dairy (Goat Cheese/Milk Production)

    Scheme:  Goats Heart Verticality, People Don't

    Team: Scott & Elizabeth

    Food:  Meat (Blue-Fin Tuna Production)

    Scheme:  Schooling People & Gigantic Fish Tanks

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