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    #10: Atmosphere III: Cell (Naica Mine Rollercoaster) PRELIM

    Anthony Sunga
    Oct 9, '10 2:40 PM EST

    Song: Go Do by Jonsi (of Sigur Ros)
    Time: 2:33:45PM
    Place: Living room/Studio

    We had a preliminary pin-up yesterday for our third project. The prompt is to design a cell/pod for 1 or 2 climatologists to do research and live for 12 hour shifts.

    I was looking at fantastic geological sites as a proxy measurement of global weather and found the Naica Mines in Mexico which house the largest crystals in the world. The longest of which is 34 feet. I propose an overhead track to carry the scientists through the mine that could be used later on as a tourist track to visit the system.

    This is just a preliminary board to show my progress so it is very weak. The biggest criticism is that I need to make a more solid argument as to why this track is needed and show how it will get constructed. We have a little under two weeks to finish alongside the Advanced Drawing and Rendering course project where we're modeling a contemporary building and animate it. I chose the Seed Cathedral by Heatherwick and will probably use the above song in it.

    I will post the final projects once they are finished.image

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