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    Spheres + Networks

    Quilian Riano
    Feb 22, '09 2:41 PM EST

    This is a must see GSD lecture:
    Bruno Latour & Peter Sloterdijk
    "Networks and Spheres: Two Ways to Reinterpret Globalization"



    • Carl Douglas (agfa8x)

      thanks quilian - very interested in these two right now.

      Feb 22, 09 3:38 pm  · 

      Thank you very much for the link! Drop by this thread if you are interested in that stuff... and join the fray...


      till soon!

      Feb 24, 09 8:23 pm  · 

      sorry I must have done something wrong with the link. try this:

      Feb 24, 09 8:25 pm  · 

      btw, when listening to peter sloterdijk and particularly to the questions section [don't know if included in the link] keep in mind he only read 1/3 of his planned lecture- he ran out of time because he chose to read very slowly. this meant he kept trying to sneak in references to the rest of the lecture during q&a which was sometimes a bit confusing.

      Feb 24, 09 10:29 pm  · 
      Carl Douglas (agfa8x)

      the lecture streams painfully badly for me - i don't suppose anyone's managed to download it?

      Feb 24, 09 10:42 pm  · 

      yeah, im having no luck with the streaming either...

      Feb 27, 09 3:07 am  · 

      No problems with the streaming for me.
      Finally got around to listening to it.
      Can't way i was that impressed...

      Although i was struck by, espec in Bruno's talk the focus on a non-human centered worldview/morality. With regards to science and a "humanization" not "naturalization". The comment about ecology being not about nature in a epistemological sense, but about methodology?

      Feb 27, 09 4:25 pm  · 

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