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Sep '06 - Dec '09

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    as you requested... more on tools of understanding

    Quilian Riano
    Sep 27, '06 8:51 AM EST

    Since some people seemed interested about this information in my last post, I thought I would post a more full list of tools and where to get them:

    software for environmental engagement research and analysis:

    sun path diagrams-wind roses-other climatic info:

    Thorough and easy to use design and energy analysis software:
    ALL it can do:

    Specific analysis of solar strategies (it tells you if your overhang is big enough, etc...)

    EPA Target Finder (gives you a target for energy reduction based on building program and region)

    embodied energy (although I have to admit I am confused on how to use it)

    a graph showing average temperature, relative humidity, direct solar radiation, and diffuse solar radiation as a function of the time of day:

    These tools may not be applicable to every project, everytime (specially in studio), but are probably good to know.

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    • eenie

      thanks a lot +q. much appreciated.

      Sep 27, 06 7:24 pm  · 

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