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    Quilian Riano
    Jun 18, '09 6:14 PM EST

    You know that moment of boredom you are supposed to feel after thesis is done? Well not for me... in fact I may be busier now!

    24 hours after my final review and with little sleep I got on a plane to Madrid to do some research. I am working there on the next three books of the TransUrban series with Christian Werthmann, Thomas Schroepfer, and Andrew Tenbrink. I will post some pics soon, but we are studying, analyzing, and critiquing a couple of 'ecocities'.

    The books are exciting but right now a lot of my attention is focused in the first week of my Career Discovery architecture studio. Eleven students from a variety of disciplines (from math to MBAs) and I are working together to find appropriate architectural languages for a variety of problems.

    I will keep my blog open for the next few weeks to document my experience teaching this studio. Then I will say my goodbyes and hope that another GSD student takes over the blogging duties...


    • fine line

      Best of luck, I've always enjoyed reading your blog (silently).

      I think there's a typo on the TransUrban site:

      "chart design ideals, ideals, and processes of "

      One of them should be 'ideas', no?

      Jun 18, 09 8:12 pm  · 


      Glad to know you're gainfully employed! Those book projects sound fascinating - let me know if you need any help.

      please keep blogging about teaching if you have time.

      Jun 19, 09 5:25 pm  · 

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