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    GSD by the numbers

    Quilian Riano
    Sep 13, '06 7:04 PM EST

    So... Orientation and registration started and I have found myself, along with the other AP's, busy trying to figure out what the hell is going on. I am now digging up records, books, notes, and syllabi for classes from yesteryear to see if they will help me avoid taking 'Materials and Methods', 'Environmental Technologies', and Structures again.

    So while I catch my breath please read the wonderful introduction to the Gund Hall that Bryan Boyer wrote at the beginning of his blog two years ago.

    And now on to the student body; this year the GSD will have the following number of students:

    MArchI: New 59, Total 253, Av. Age 27
    MArchI AP: New 15, Total 41, Av. Age 26
    MArch II: New 37, Total 64, Av. Age 27

    MLAI: New 24, Total 54, Av. Age 28
    MLAI AP: New 8, Total 18, Av. Age 27
    MLA II: New 7, Total 11, Av. Age 31

    MAUD: New 20, Total 45, Av. Age 28
    MLAUD: New 1, Total 2, Av. Age 29
    MUP: New 267, Total 50, Av. Age 26

    MDES: New 30, Total 37, Av. Age 31
    MDES AP: New 6, Total 6, Av. Age 32
    DDES: New 8, Total 38, Av. Age 34

    Entire GSD: New 235, TOTAL: 639

    The GSD is about 51% Female, and 25% U.S. Minorities.
    Countries with biggest presence in the GSD:
    S. Korea

    I haven't the faintest clue to what this says about us as a school, but I'm a sucker for info like this, and maybe it will be helpful for someone.

    The source for all this wonderful information is the GSD Student Handbook

    Finally, I leave you with an image of yours truly and his wife to be found in the GSD catalogue of courses 06-07. I am the bald one, she is the beautiful one.



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    • kissy_face

      The M.ArchII class got big. My year there were only like 26 or so of us. looks like GSD is taking on a few more students than they used to.

      Sep 14, 06 9:49 am  · 

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