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    tools of understanding

    Quilian Riano
    Sep 26, '06 9:08 PM EST

    doing some environmental research on the site and, as always, I am captivated with the pragmatic beauty of some of these tools.

    take the wind-rose for example:

    and the solar path diagram:

    also, I have created an experiential material palette of the surrounding site:
    from the vernacular to the junk, what can these materials teach us about how to engage the environment and the larger context?


    • Arjun Bhat

      seems like a question a lot of people struggle with q ... i suppose the answers are as varied as the materials you've documented.

      what program did you use for the wind roses? I've allways had to request that information from others (airport weather services, etc.) or find it online myself.

      Sep 26, 06 9:37 pm  · 

      hi Arjun,

      the wind roses were produced with the weather tool:

      they have great software that makes this research and subsequent analysis of models a hell of a lot easier.

      Sep 26, 06 9:43 pm  · 

      that software is real nice, thanks for sharing.

      Sep 26, 06 10:41 pm  · 
      Arjun Bhat

      oooo - thanks for the link q.

      Sep 26, 06 11:16 pm  · 
      Arnaud M.

      Where did you find the sun path diagram?

      Sep 27, 06 7:27 am  · 

      same place

      Sep 27, 06 8:24 am  · 
      Arnaud M.

      Great, thanks.

      Sep 27, 06 8:42 am  · 

      ¡Hi! I love the work here, I would like to recreate a similar one in a Perú zone, but the link its no longer available :( ¿Where can I found the tool?

      Jul 7, 20 1:27 pm  · 

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