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    the end of virtual

    Quilian Riano
    Oct 1, '06 10:37 PM EST

    I plotted my first model:

    1-Solid Works Model

    2-After 10 hours and $11 for my 2 cubic inches of material, I have a 4"x7"x2.25" model-a pencil holder. It comes out with a thick wall of 'extra' material that I had to dig out with great effort. I actually liked the extra stuff as a design element, but it seems like a pretty wasteful process.

    3-My brand new pencil holder.


    • Arjun Bhat


      Oct 1, 06 11:04 pm  · 

      love the process pictures: really makes things come to life
      but surely too beautiful and delicate an object for a pencil holder?
      ... but that's to start a lengthy theoretical debate and not in the spirit of things so I'll shut up ;-)

      Oct 2, 06 4:30 am  · 

      I would like to draw everyone's attention to the obligatory red colored pencil. (read: red thing)

      Oct 2, 06 8:41 am  · 

      solidred i am interested to hear what theoretical debate you have in mind? On aesthetics? the f-word: function?

      Oct 2, 06 9:10 am  · 

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