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    postopolis! recap

    Quilian Riano
    Jun 4, '07 9:06 PM EST

    I thoroughly enjoyed going down to NYC for Postopolis! and I want thank Bryan, Dan, Geoff, and Jill for the invitation. It was also really good to put faces to the names of so many archinecters, they re-reinforced the hypothesis I have of archinecters being full of passion and drive. I felt proud to be part of the group that presented sections of archinect and to talk about this blog and the many people I respect on this site.

    It is by now clear that digital technologies have changed the design fields, postopolis! pointed out that digital media is still underutilized in practice and academia. What happens as blogs and forums go into each individual firm and school? As I discussed, in the entry about my final crit this semester, my critic, Lluis Ortega, took the studio in a digital direction with a format that was more blog-like. The result, as discussed by the whole group afterwards, was a final crit session that was not about pretty pictures and good or bad crits but about debating architectural ideas. In short, the media we used re-shaped the discussion in a positive way.

    One of the problems that I immediately can foresee before the design fields fully embrace blogging culture is the issue of intellectual property. How can we have unfettered discussions while still feeling we have control over our ideas?

    Some of the things I am taking with me:
    -Terreform's thoughtful whimsicalness.
    -Lebbeus Woods' lack of fear to speak of architecture as a field in service of society not political and other elites.
    -Mark Wigley's comments on academia and blogging. We all play the "idiot" sometimes, we can only hope to also bring "brilliance" once in a while. The challenge I took from his talk: how will our generation of bloggers re-shape architecture?
    -In general I saw many passionate people that have an immense concern for social and environmental justice. What I mean is that for a group of people that work in the cold-medium of 1's and 0's these people are seeking to create a new culture to tackle real-life problems and improve the state of our built environments.

    Hope to do this again...

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    • dedubs

      the videos are a great gift to those too far away to physically attend.. but why do they all stop at 10 minutes?

      Jun 5, 07 12:36 am  · 

      youtube only allows 8-10 minute video uploads. i agree, SFFAAA should really do them in two parts instead of just the front half...

      Jun 5, 07 9:39 am  · 

      Ok. Honestly I don't get a sense of the energy in the room from the video.

      Jun 5, 07 11:30 pm  · 

      archi, it was hot and humid with only one or two fans, the fact that people were sitting there already shows incredible amounts of energy.

      Jun 6, 07 7:28 am  · 

      pretty cool dude. wish I was there.

      Jun 6, 07 9:35 pm  · 

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