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    Pecha Kucha - GSD Student Publications

    Quilian Riano
    Feb 21, '08 11:53 PM EST

    An invitation to pass by the GSD tomorrow (Friday) @ 7PM to check out Pecha-Kucha.

    This is the line up:

    Ana Duran, Harvard GSD
    Ben Fry,
    Benjamin Fortunato and Quilian Riano, Harvard GSD, re: journal
    Daniel Paluska, MIT Media Lab
    David Oliver, Cusp Development, Drawing Pod
    Gretchen Schneider and Kara Peet, BAC Summer Academy
    Kate Hollenbach, MIT Media Lab
    Kelly Wilson, Harvard GSD
    Marco Raab, Blank Mosseri
    Neil Freeman, Harvard GSD
    Pedro Duarte Bento, B76'
    Steven Nutter, Miller Dyer Spears
    Wei Bao and Jaime Hernandez, Harvard GSD
    Yung Ho Chang, MIT Architecture Department

    Not to spoil the fun, but I will give you an advance of the presentation. We are going to be looking at all the student-led publications the GSD has seen over the years and then present the web-based journal our re: GSD student journal team has been working on.

    GSD Student Publication Timeline

    -1941-1948 TASK

    From the first issue:

    --1947-1948 GSD Bulletin

    A submission by Walter Gropius titled "Teaching the Art of Design"

    --1957-1958 SYNTHESIS

    --1963-1969 CONNECTIONS (those are cops beating a student in '69)

    --1992-1993 re alignment

    Funny fake ad:

    --1994 Isthmus

    --2001 Gamut

    -2008-? re: web-based GSD Student Journal (launching in a few weeks)

    See you tomorrow.


    • ooohhh.

      Exciting..Can't wait for the new journal..
      It better be free???

      Feb 22, 08 8:12 am  · 
      Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke

      So, you realize that Hannes Meyer, Erich Mendelsohn, and Martin Wagner were former contributors to Task?

      Feb 22, 08 8:29 am  · 

      Nama, it will be free and online, with what we hope will be weekly updates.

      Smoke, nah I did not see their names while looking through them. I was surprised to see Henry Cobb as the editors of GSD Bulletin though.

      Feb 22, 08 9:13 am  · 

      "re:" is the name of my blog.

      yours will be way more exciting.



      I'm def. excited to see it!

      Feb 22, 08 1:14 pm  · 

      That Synthesis cover is DOPE!!

      Feb 22, 08 3:46 pm  · 

      i thought the same 765. that's some hot 50's graphic design.

      Feb 22, 08 4:35 pm  · 

      conormac - I started a spoof magazine (that ended up being recycled in the journal) whilst in school. I mention it because it was called re: actions

      Feb 28, 08 12:25 pm  · 

      lol nice archinectophilia it's a great word - actually I'm surprised more people don't use it

      you totally tricked me & i thought you gave us a link

      Mar 2, 08 9:02 pm  · 

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