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    Quilian Riano
    Mar 29, '09 8:37 PM EST

    There is a weird air around the GSD lately and I think I can smell expectation with a hint of anxiety. Some of this is evident before every Open House, but this time it is different. I think the difference is what is turning out to be an epic Ecological Urbanism conference and exhibit. Just looking at that speaker list one notices that they are throwing the proverbial kitchen sink into this thing.

    You will probably be able to follow many events in the webcast, but we all know that is not quite enough. MArch II Dan Handel and I are organizing a series of more informal platforms to document the conference.

    So far we have set up a blog to provide multi-disciplinary student perspective on all the festivities and outcomes:

    We have a flickr image pool where everyone can upload pictures they take during the event:

    We have a twitter:

    And who could forget facebook:

    We hope that all these tools give this conference context and a student perspective.


    P.S. Expect live blogging here of the Rem Koolhaas-Homi Bhabha-Sanford Kwinter spectacular, this Friday at 6:30PM.


    • Homi Bhabha? It would pretty cool to here what he has to add to the mix. Although reading the speaker list it seems to draw on varied avenues

      Looking forward to the coverage Quilian

      Mar 30, 09 10:55 pm  · 

      I like this idea, q. In the face of impending mass confusion, one of the only viable strategies is to pile it on even higher. Looking forward to following the coverage.

      Mar 31, 09 7:49 am  · 

      good way to put it seven!

      Mar 31, 09 10:34 am  · 

      the keynote looks absolutely unbelievable. i've been studying some of bhabha's ideas this semester in a latin american seminar. is the keynote going to be webcast? iiiiiiiii hope!!!!!!!! (if not can you sneak a camcorder in? :p)

      Mar 31, 09 6:25 pm  · 

      awesome flickr pool so far. is there any chance on getting a copy of the tray's publication that's in the show? not sure if i'll be able to get to the show (or if i will it will be close to close, so there may not be any left...)

      Mar 31, 09 6:33 pm  · 

      alucidwake, I am anywhere from 80-90% sure they will put it on the live feed of the webcasts link above. If something should happen to it I will live blog right here.

      I will also try to see if we can make some hard-copies or pdf's available of the trays zine.

      Mar 31, 09 9:39 pm  · 

      sweet! i really look forward to this- i only wish i knew about it sooner and could be there for the "main events". i am definitely going to need to make a road trip after studio is done to check out the exhibition (not far, i go to rpi)

      Mar 31, 09 10:19 pm  · 
      Mark Richards

      Very helpful information. Thank you for such a lovely visit.

      Jan 27, 10 8:47 am  · 


      Dec 6, 18 6:25 am  · 

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