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    less than 3 weeks left...

    Quilian Riano
    Apr 25, '09 3:39 PM EST

    An update of my fruitful contradictions

    T-Day is May 13th or 14th and the freaking out begins now!!


    • Looking good Q

      Apr 25, 09 8:11 pm

      thanks archi

      Apr 25, 09 10:05 pm

      Put your 3d glasses because this when things start poppin. Have fun q the ride is almost done

      Apr 25, 09 11:01 pm

      Good post overall. Enjoyed reading it. William

      Jan 12, 10 12:49 am

      Well that will be great event, every one is waiting for the May, me too excited about that. Thanks
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      Jan 14, 10 10:07 am

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