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    Taking it to the streets...

    Quilian Riano
    Feb 12, '08 8:38 PM EST

    ...or at least outside of Gund Hall.

    This is the table of contents for the semester:

    This semester I am taking most of my classes outside the GSD.

    1.1- Studio with Teddy Cruz

    1.2- Smart Cities
    Seminar with William Mitchell and Ryan Chin over at MIT's media lab. We are working on projects such as the City Car and the Robo Scooter. I will be focusing on designing a 2030 urban vision for Shanghai. This of course will include a detail look at the transportation systems moving even beyond the two well-known projects I posted above, energy solutions, etc... What is it about 2030 anyway? that date seems to follow me.

    1.3- Interactive Spaces
    Seminar with Allen Sayegh in his office, INVIVIA, in Harvard Square. Through the use of sensors and digital technologies we are designing interactive systems for the Harvard Art Museums. After the seminar these designs will be built and deployed around Harvard Square.

    1.4- Solar Decathlon
    I am taking an independent study in which I am studying different 'green' and landscape systems. This study will help me as I work with the BAC-Tufts Boston Solar Decathlon '09 team as an advisor. I have always found this competition to be important and hope to help the BAC-Tufts team throughout the process.

    2-Other things happening this semester

    2.1- Web-based GSD Student Journal
    In a couple of weeks a team of students (including myself) will be launching a new web-based GSD student journal. I do not want to give away much right now, but we are very excited about this project. We are going live mid-March.

    2.2- Systems For Inclusion 8
    I already mentioned it before, but to repeat, Design Corps and the GSD student group SoCA are putting together the SFI 8 conference. I am working on some things (like the blog which is not finalized) and my next focus is to find ways to get people outside the GSD plugged into the proceedings (webcasts, youtube, etc...).

    2.3- Student Forum
    I am the External Relations Officer for student forum this year. My role is to get the GSD plugged into what is going with the other schools in Harvard.

    Wow, seeing it laid out it looks crazy. Thankfully a lot of these classes and projects are done in collaboration with different groups of colleagues so it makes it easier (less individual load), fun, and worthwhile.

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    • As always Q,

      Too much on your plate. I already told you i was excited about the Teddy Cruz class, and the Decathalon is always yielding interesting results.

      Feb 12, 08 9:55 pm  · 

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