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    the first post

    Quilian Riano
    Sep 5, '06 10:43 AM EST

    Hello Archinecters,

    This is my first entry and I am excited to start school and document it for everyone to see. First though, I had to give props to the many school bloggers (Oana, Hasselhoff, AP, Marlin, others...) that so eloquently document their school lives.

    Some more stuff about me:

    For now I wanted to share the Harvard housing we (my wife and I) are living in:

    The towers are pretty amazing, with a circulation system I have never seen before. There are lobbies and elevator stops only every three floors allowing most apartments to span the entire width of the tower, and allowing the lobbies to be truely places of neighborly encounter. I also like the fact that the apartments have plenty of light and breeze and you don't need to turn on a fan or light during the day. Designed by Sert, IMHO they are the best looking towers in Boston. Their only problem is that they feel a bit dorm-ish, but the apartments are comfortable inside and the great views of the river/downtown (and proximity to Trader Joes) more than make up for the dorm-like feeling.imageimageimage


    • AP

      nice place. I hope your couch folds out ;-)

      Sep 5, 06 2:49 pm  · 
      liberty bell

      Wow, so cool, how could I have not know these places existed? Of course I was only in Boston once 24 years ago, so maybe I was too busy thinking about boys to pay attention to architecture.

      I'm very excited about your desision to go to grad school, +q, and look forward to your blog.

      Sep 5, 06 3:32 pm  · 

      AP you are always welcome in the crib.

      LB-Thanks... To tell you the truth Im a bit nervous, after the sleepy life of Santa Fe it is gonna be hard getting back into the school mindset.

      Sep 5, 06 3:39 pm  · 

      alright q+! haven't seen you 'round these parts for a while so it's good to have you back. good luck with school...i look forward to keeping up on your happenings.

      Sep 5, 06 4:01 pm  · 

      Perkins! Good times...(memories of parties thrown by Business school buddies being broken up by the cops)
      I used to live on the top floor of building 2-I felt like queen of the world up there!

      Sep 5, 06 11:51 pm  · 

      fancy sketching a section of the lobbies you so aptly speak of...curious to understand.

      Sep 7, 06 3:04 pm  · 
      mens rea

      Whoa... you live in the projects buddy! :)

      Sep 20, 06 4:56 pm  · 

      nothing wrong with the PJ's...

      Sep 20, 06 11:06 pm  · 

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