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    fall '06 final schedule

    Quilian Riano
    Sep 22, '06 6:25 PM EST
    Studio 8 credits
    I am open for anything. There are some issues I always try to engage: the politics of building (who do you build for and why, what about the "others"?), environment, etc. Right now I am also studying issues of architecture and national/cultural identity, and the characteristics of the vernacular (historical and contemporary), so those issues will also probably come into play. Finally, I think this studio as a whole will focus heavily on program and tectonics. Oh, and let's not forget the always important X factor.

    Buildings, Texts, and Contexts 4 Credits (required)
    The atomic bomb, spring break, existentialism, jet travel, the polio vaccine, India and Pakistan, the transistor radio, abstract expressionism, LSD, the United Nations, ISO containers, Pop Art, nylon, structuralism and how architects dealt with all this in a post WWII context.
    Timothy Hyde /Michael Hays

    Situating the Modern 4 Credits
    Topics include National Romanticism in Nordic countries, North American regionalism, the Mediterranean in interwar modernism, nationalist appropriations of vernacular traditions in Anatolia and the Balkans, the significance of the Tropics in post-WWII modernism (especially Latin America, Caribbean, the Middle East and the Subcontinent) and more recent discussions of 'landscape urbanism', 'vernacular modernism' and 'situated cosmopolitanism' which engage critically with the effects of globalization.
    Sibel Bozdogan

    Why I am taking it:
    I am interested in modern architecture in post-revolutionary Cuba and what it says about the new national identity as compared to other forms of modernism in the island. I am also interested in both the historical and contemporary vernacular. Among other issues, I want to understand what, if anything, these vernaculars have to teach us about engaging the environment.

    CAD/CAM 4 Credits
    This course teaches the fundamentals of computer-aided design and manufacturing (cad/cam), with a focus on applications in architecture. The core question will be how component design is affected by digital design and production techniques methods that allow architects and designers to move beyond conventional design paradigms.
    Martin Bechthold

    Why I am taking it:
    I want to explore these fabrication technologies and start thinking of future applications. Also, at the end of the course there will be a competition for a pavilion that may be built using these technologies for use by Harvard's Arts Deparment.

    a partial graphic representation of all this:

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