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    Parametric Realizations - Week 1 - XS - Vases - Have been posted

    By Mark Bearak
    Oct 29, '08 7:16 PM EST

    My class has finished the first week in their five week cycle of XS, S, M, L, XL and they have posted their vase scripts on our class blog. You can find our site here. Each of the vases were designed to fit in a standard 3D printer. Each of the students have also posted their code, so you can feel free to examine them more closely.

    This week we are working on the S scale. We will be preparing a distance based lighting project that will be prepared on the laser cutter.

    All of these exercises are building up to the students final installations which will be presented on Friday, December 12th.

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    • Carl Douglas (agfa8x)

      i'm currently planning a similar course for next year, so it's great to see how other people are doing it. thanks mark.

      Oct 29, 08 11:24 pm

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