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    Drift Cinema - AKA we love Ed Keller

    By Mark Bearak
    Sep 12, '07 7:54 PM EST

    I'm not sure how many of you have had the tremendous joy of spending time with Ed Keller, but I'm and not embarrassed to say that I am in love with him. Well, not sexually, but I am in love with his brain. After seeing him on numerous juries I was finally able to take his seminar/visual studies class last spring. It was all too short and my cinematic aspirations were in no way met, but I was hooked.

    Ed is now a full time professor at Sci-Arc (your gain is our loss) but he is teaching an abbreviated class this semester. No surprisingly, many of the same students have returned to audit the class and share in the evocative discourse. One returning student is Mehmet Bozatli who has started his own film festival which will premiere this fall. Here is some background on the class.

    R. Smithson, A Tour of the Monuments of Passaic
    Sophie Calle, Double Game
    DJ Spooky, Songs of a Dead Dreamer
    Cortazar, Hopscotch
    Robbe-Grillet, In the Labyrinth
    Borges, ‘Death and the Compass,’ ‘Garden of Forking Paths’
    Grant Morrison, The Invisibles
    Auster, City of Glass
    Calvino, If On a Winter’s Night a Traveler
    G.K. Chesterton, The Man Who Was Thursday
    P.K. Dick, UBIK
    Carroll, Alice In Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass
    Alan Moore, Watchmen, V for Vendetta
    Roos, Alchemy and Mysticism
    Nolan: Memento
    Caro + Jeunet: City of Lost Children
    Coppola: Conversation
    Antonioni: Blowup
    DePalma: Blowout
    Antonioni: Passenger, Red Desert
    Tarkovsky: Stalker
    Coppola: Apocalypse Now
    Cronenberg: Crash, Videodrome
    Wenders: Paris Texas, Lisbon Story
    Hopper: Easy Rider
    Jarmusch: Mystery Train, Down by Law, Dead Man, Night on Earth
    Hitchcock: North by Northwest, Vertigo
    Godard: Alphaville
    Tati: Playtime
    Fincher: The Game, Fight Club
    Vertov: Man with a Movie Camera
    Moretti: Caro Diario
    Pasolini: Mama Roma
    Wong Kar Wai: Chungking Express, Fallen Angels
    Van Sant: My Own Private Idaho
    Von Trier: Element of Crime
    Almodovar: All About My Mother
    Marker: Sans Soleil
    Resnais: The War is Over
    Assayas: IRMA VEP

    I may never get through this entire list (in part because I can't find a copy of Irma Vep) but I may spend the rest of my life trying.


    • Liebchen

      I worked on a production of the comedy "The Mystery of Irma Vep" when I was a theatre production technician. Totally different than the movie, though.

      Sep 12, 07 8:57 pm
      o d b

      hey mark, just discovered you had a school blog...or maybe i knew but i forgot...

      anyways, i'm looking forward to cracking the vault and reading about your trips to tejas y thailand, etc.

      how're things shaping up for your final year?


      Sep 15, 07 7:35 am
      Sir Arthur Braagadocio

      rhett russo had ed keller come in and give a lecture, a couple of those films were mentioned. i found it all very interesting but not quite sure if i'm convince of that whole line of thought, so if by chance he has you do readings of any sort and their electronic let me know. as much as i'm excited about this stuff and guys like Deleuze i'm still pretty much a 'formalist/structuralist' and not convinced.

      Sep 17, 07 1:05 pm

      You've ruined my next month - Too much good stuff

      Got to love the British comics
      Grant Morrison, The Invisibles
      The Watchmen - Though it is going to be a shitty movie

      Sep 17, 07 7:29 pm

      what can you say about ed... an amazing mind (as stated). as a thesis adviser along with juan azulay, they both blew my mind and helped me reach for something that has been inside for quite some time. the best part about thesis is revisiting it time and time again to hone it into a productive personal journey through architecture. every presentation is just a step in the evolution of my thesis. i've recently picked up the AD "collective intelligence" sept/oct 06 to help me rethink things and am thoroughly enjoying it. as much as ed does assemble a great collection of films and readings, he is equally talented at "reading" his students.

      i propose ed be the new director of sciarc, not just mediascapes.

      Sep 19, 07 12:15 am

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