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    Leaving Houston...

    By Mark Bearak
    Aug 15, '07 8:24 PM EST

    Hello Everyone,
    Today my 96 year old grandmother and I braved 105 degree heat to see some amazing works of architecture. Our first stop was Mies' MFAH. The building was an addition, but it has now become the centerpiece for the entier campus. Although the museums's collection left nothing to talk about the Naguchi sculpture garden accross the street was a much more enjoyable experience. The Moneo building was beautifully detailed, as expected, but lacked the spatial control exhibited in his gallery in Stockholm.

    Our next stop was the Robert Venturi Childrens Museum. I don't really know what to say about it, except that my grandmother enjoyed the color scheme......... ... ..

    After a brief tour through Rice University we finally made it to the Menil. After spending the last 10 years of my life visiting Renzo Piano's works, I would have to say that this was one of my favorite experiences. The ceiling works so well, I was often distracted from the art. At different points troughout the museum the light works to accentuate specific paintings and sculptures so well it is hard to believe that the rooms are naturally lit.

    Our final stop was the Rothko Chapel. A truly beatiful composition in a controlled environment. After that we started our drive to Austin and my next update will be tomorrow.

    Thanks you for all of your suggestions!!!!!


    • hey Mark, I share your view de Menil is breathtaking and easily Piano's masterpiece. The scale of it is really very subtle in its suburban setting.

      Your trip is giving me great memories thanks for this/that

      Aug 16, 07 11:23 pm

      man, now i'm gonna have to go all the way to houston... am obsessed with piano. great to know about the menil, i will make the extra effort to see it in person!

      Aug 19, 07 11:43 pm

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