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    San Antonio

    By Mark Bearak
    Aug 16, '07 10:54 PM EST

    Today we braved the rains of a tropical storm to experience San Antonio. My grandmother was not too keen on leaving the car so my friend Alexer and I took to the streets. The rain came in waves so we had to plan our sites around the storm.

    The first stop was the Alamo, which was by far the most touristy spot on the trip. We enjoyed seeing Davy Crockett's musket and wore cowboy hats. Architecturally, the old mission has been partially rebuilt, but there were numerous models that showed its' condition since the siege.

    Our next stop was the riverwalk. Due to the rain the restaurants were empty. Despite the rain we enjoyed our walk especially since there were so few people.

    It had been over 20 years since my last visit to San Antonio, but I tracked down the Hyatt hotel that we stayed. I remember the hotel specifically because the river came inside of the lobby, as a kid I was truly impressed by this feat.

    Our final stop was at the Jerdy River Center shopping mall. As a mall it was quite unremarkable, but there was special attention paid to the river as it ran through the complex.

    Tonight we are back in Austin and tomorrow we are leaving for Marfa!!!! BTW last night we ate at Chuy's and it was great!

    Be good,

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    • Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke

      I've been in San Antonio for the past week (my parents live here). And this is not the first time I've experienced a Tropical Depression/Storm that has crossed the Gulf Coast into Southcentral Texas. However, yesterday was exceptional. Streets looked like rivers. The rain was so heavy and relentless it was almost opaque.

      Aug 17, 07 9:50 am

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